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ReportGeorge GlassGeorge Glass

  • Location: Los Angeles, California, United States of America
  • Label: frozentone records

Meeting in a bar in anxious, pre-apocalyptic Los Angeles in the autumn of 2009, two local music vets (singer/guitarist Nicholas Ceglio and bassist Peter DiBiasio) and one mysterious Bay Area drifter (drummer Nathan Kondor) decided to write some tunes together. Within three weeks, they were playing gigs under the name George Glass, rocking the beer-soaked clubs and sweat-stained art spaces of Silver Lake and Echo Park. Even if this band had been formed by three death row inmates who had run out of appeals, it would not have developed with any greater urgency.

This tenacity is reflected in their music, on both their debut EP and their energetic live show. These painstakingly crafted songs hearken back to a time when the appellation "indie" described a vital sound and a tough attitude, before it evolved into the catch-all term we know today. Yet the intricate nature of George Glass's cavernous rock and roll assault, tempered by witty introspection, sounds much more like a future that may never arrive.


  • Vocals Vocals
  • Sunshine EP Sunshine EP
  • Engineering Engineering
  • Peter DiBiasio on Bass Peter DiBiasio on Ba...

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