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  • Founded: January 2004
  • Location: Paris, France


  • Gehiks

The name Exomène is a contraction of the main concept of the project: mental exodus developed with the help of Dorianne Wotton since 2004.

It would be difficult to summarize the path that led us to define mental exodus. However, let's say that mental exodus is an intellectual process of abandon in the contemplation of the aesthetic of desolation which visual expression can be found in photographies by Dorianne Wotton.

The first demo focused on depicting slices of life and is entitled "Dusk to Dawn". This work has laid the foundations of Exomène's sound atmospheres.

For the second demo (Bedtime stories) I decided to explore the world of dreams, resulting in a darker sound inspired by doom metal, sludge and drone but not forgetting our ambient, progressive and industrial influences. Actually, I worked to define a particular sound to complete the atmospheres developed previously.

But there is still a lot of work to do in order to make exactly what I have in mind. I am starting to pay more attention to rythms and structures to express more precisely a vision (actually a hearing) of the aesthetic of desolation.


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