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ReportEuro P GoldEuro P Gold

  • Age: 32
  • Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America

20 year old Emcee Euro P. Gold posses an ability to uplift, inspire, and captivate audiences, channeling the free spirits and social revolutionaries of the 1960's with the lyrical prowess of the original b-boy crews. Euro P. Gold's sound is reminiscent to the glory days of hip hop, when call and response was mandatory for crowd control and music was based on lyrical content as well as timeless production.
Attend a Euro P. Gold show and you will be amazed by the immense stage presence, energy and professionalism of the young emcee. Whether performing in a large venue or an intimate club, Euro engages and the crowd with his unique mood music and hip e hop (pr. Hippie hop). 'Mood music,' says Euro 'is music that becomes timeless because it connects with emotion...Hip /e/ Hop is simply about self expression
Euro P. Gold; the Chester born and Philadelphia bread lyricist, producer, scholar, and creator of Hip /e/ Hop creates music that is not only pure Hip-Hop but mixes the genres, of fusion jazz, rock and roll, blues, and soul to create Hip /e/ Hop. Euro says, 'Hip /e/ Hop is a movement that is centered on self-expression, awareness, freedom, and fun.'
Musically, Euro P. Gold is kinetic energy trapped behind the restrictions of life. His music is created by capturing the soul and essence of previous generations musical genius; combining it with the harsh realities of existence facing the self proclaimed 'middle class hero….'all delivered with a smile


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  • Lorie Strother's picture
    Left by Lorie Strother, on Jan 15, 2010 - 12:52
    Your lyrics and delivery are on point. I also enjoyed the different types of music tracks you've mixed with the beats. I really like Inner City Bluez; since blues is close to my heart. Keep it moving, you got skills.
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