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ReporteÇe The ArtizaneÇe The Artizan

Ectheartizan's picture
  • Age: 50
  • Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America
  • Label: artizan empire, llc

eÇe The Artizan

I was called forth from my mother's womb in the early 70's. Born and raised in Gary, Indiana I learned a great deal about survival. Wanting to be anything but me I gave myself to my imagination. It was there that I could be absolutely anything I wanted to be. Through the years, I've realized that some things imagined have a way of surfacing the membrane of existence, and drifting their way into reality.

Talent dubbed me an Artisan and I conceived the ability to draw, write, sing, dance, act and model at Roosevelt High School. Pencil and paper were my confidante. Before that my journals were written on the film of my mind, certain to never be seen. Soon I began to let my words take on the form of drawings. Then painting gave my words brighter meaning. It was my saddest sorrows and most joyful joys that motivated me to write poetry and songs. My children's effervescence inspires me to write them songs and children's stories to publish in books.

My next endeavor is to record my very first album. With all of the achievements I have accomplished in this life, I've learned to lean on the gifts of the Most High YAH, my GOD (YHWH), whom forever reminds me not to think more highly of myself than I ought.


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