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ReportEat The WeedsEat The Weeds

  • Founded: May 2008
  • Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


  • chickweed

Eat The Weeds is Daniela Antlova. Born and raised in the Czech Republic, now living in Vancouver, Canada. Daniela gets a lot of musical help from Joby Baker of Baker Studios and other talented musicians. Eat The Weeds loves dramatic and unusual beats, multi layered vocals, sticking pieces of paper in between guitar strings and lots of passion behind the performance.

Eat The Weeds is music played not about but in support of chickweed, dandelions and other tasty weeds. Eat The Weeds supports local food production, urban gardening, permaculture and of course, eating weeds.

If you too support gardening and permaculture or eat weeds let me know. If you run or participate in or are planning to start projects and organizations that promote any of these things let me know. If there is any way I can help let me know.

Oh yeah, and thanks for listening. I've uploaded only a few songs for now to give you a taste. In My Fading Memory is available for download.


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Comments (2)Comments (2)

  • geronimodeleon's picture
    Left by geronimodeleon, on Oct 18, 2010 - 20:46
    Nice ethos : )
    Back when I had a house, I used to garden organically. Guess I need to find/create a community garden to co-op with.
    When I do, I'll try and remember to drop you a line and fill you in.
    BTW, I should've but never did eat the masses of Purslane that used to try and swallow up my back yard. Have you eaten Purslane, and if so, how?
    Drop me a line if you get a chance.
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  • chickweed's picture
    Left by chickweed, on Sep 7, 2010 - 21:20
    Hello Uvumi community. I haven't had to look around much yet but hope this will be what some say T61 used to be. I uploaded a few of the Eat The Weeds songs to give you a taste. In My Fading Memory is available for download (I believe) so please go ahead and listen and let me know what you think.


    Eat The Weeds
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