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ReportDreaming AwakeDreaming Awake

  • Founded: March 2008
  • Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America


  • Brian Lewis

So many artist bios seem so impersonal when I read them...after seeing the power of sites like thesixtyone and this one, I think it's extremely important to be able to connect with your fans (so this bio will probably sound a little different than most).

I've been playing music for almost 10 years now and have loved every minute of it. My main instrument is guitar but I love experimenting around with piano. I really have no explanation for how I came up with the name "Dreaming Awake" - it just sounded kind of cool and I needed a name, so I just went with it. I'm heavily influenced by ambient music such as Hammock, Port Blue, Lights Out Asia and several others. This doesn't mean that my style is consistently ambient, though...I love electronic music, so I'll probably throw some into the mix. :D I'm a terrible singer so you'll never hear any vocals on these songs. :) If you feel inclined to do so, please leave a comment down below - I welcome any feedback! Thanks for listening!!


  • 3i season dreaming by wrecks 3i season dreaming b...

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