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Record date: Apr 9th, 2010

Doc Awk's unbelievable, brand new, full-length album is here and ready to change what you think about Hip Hop and R&B music.

This release has 15 complete songs that deal with the truly important issues of life, teaches you how to party the Awkward way, and also entertains you with references to the nerdy side including anime, gaming, and even Kung Fu. You'll even find an anthem for dudes that go hunting for cougars. No, not the animal. Well… I mean… *ahem*

Three-fourths Hip Hop, one fourth R&B, this landmark project shows plenty of versatility and an immense amount of growth in Dr. Awkwards already impressive skill set.

Track list

  Track Title Artist Duration Added  
   1 Unlimited Dr. Awkward 04:15 2010-04-10  
   2 Red Queen Dr. Awkward 03:35 2010-04-10  
   3 Catch Dr. Awkward 02:58 2010-04-10  
   4 Be My Dr. Awkward 04:17 2010-04-10  
   5 Otaku Girl Dr. Awkward 03:48 2010-04-10  
   6 Next Friday (F.U.F redux) Dr. Awkward 03:37 2010-04-10  
   7 Joystick Dr. Awkward 03:46 2010-04-10  
   8 Timid Dr. Awkward 03:13 2010-04-10  
   9 LAN Party Dr. Awkward 03:12 2010-04-10  
   10 Keep Moving Dr. Awkward 03:00 2010-04-10  
   11 Fireflies Dr. Awkward 04:04 2010-04-10  
   12 DualShAwks Dr. Awkward 03:03 2010-04-10  
   13 My Kung Fu (ft. Soup Dogg) Dr. Awkward 04:22 2010-04-10  
   14 Geekquilibrium Remix (by Untested Methods) Dr. Awkward 03:43 2010-04-10  
   15 Humble Dr. Awkward 03:20 2010-04-10  

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