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  • Location: Rome, Italy

Dirtyfake started playing together at the end of the 90s. Their first acoustic and dark approach to sound turned rapidly into an incisive Indie rock.From the beginning the band was influenced by both American Indie rock and English mainstream New wave. Dirtyfake is formed by: Byron, Andy, Simo, Kris and Valentina.The name Dirtyfake is the union of the most emblematic words from the beginning of the new millennium. Fake (in the meaning given by Debord and La societé du spectacle) that has deeply penetrated society; and dirty as dirty business and politics which are taking humanity towards a premature ending.The name Dirtyfake is also clear controversy to the last musical productions of the major record producers who pretend to supply an alternative. Dirtyfake matured musically playing all over Italy.Their lyrics talk about isolation, heartbreak, inadequacy, visions. In 2004 they recorded their album, Dirtyfake, a self-production at Hombre Lobo Studio in Rome. Some of the songs such as Love Waits, The Goldkingwoman and Scratch have been played by radio stations since 2003. At the moment their new album, Tumorrow, is being recorded by Fabio Recchia, well known in the Roman indie scene.


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