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ReportDirk RadloffDirk Radloff

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  • Age: 53
  • Location: Bad Homburg, Germany


     Dirk Radloff was born in Frankfurt/Germany on the third July 1969 and started to play violin at the age of 5. Later he explored also piano, viola and not to forget electric guitar and bass. During his violin-studies at the music academy in Frankfurt, he joined several local bands, but he became more and more frustrated by them. In an interview with Sergio Vilar he complains: " Years ago I took part in a countless number of local bands, so I played live very often. That didn't really satisfy me. My bandmates were either completely unprofessional and turned up stoned at rehearsals two hours late or they were just not prepared properly. Things didn't develop and you just carried your amplifiers from one youthclub to another. So I decided to work on my own 5 years ago."

    In 2000 he founded the studio-project "heartscore", which set mostly american poems to music in the manner of an intellectual and progressive Rock-style. With "heartscore" Dirk could realise to arrange and write scores, which had to be played by himself and the other musicians. He could also melt together influences ranging from Led Zeppelin and Yes to modern Jazz and classical music. During the next years the project published three albums. Heartscore featured some musicians like Tim Warweg and Stefan Platte, but almost all recordings and the production was done by Dirk Radloff himself, just the Mastering was given to Ole Kie├čling at Tonstudio Kie├čling.

    In 2002 heartscore released "Structures", which was named "one cool album" by "Progressiveworld" and it showed Dirk Radloff and his classmate Oliver Hartstack creating Hardrock with strong Prog-influences. As lyrics heartscore used american poems by Langston Hughes and other poets.

    In 2004 heartscore hired Session-drummer Tim Warweg and piano-player Stefan Platte to realise "Straight to the brain". Here the music was influenced by the inner structure of poems by poets like Steven Crane, William Blake, E.E. Cummings, Langston Hughes, Edgar Allan Poe, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, John Crowe Ransom and Ralph Waldo Emerson resulting in more unusual songs. At this time heartscore had found a personal style including the heavy use of Multitracked choirs, which were created with his own single voice, a hardrock-based guitar and complicated or sometimes orchestral arrangements.

    In 2007 the follower "many directions" surprised with some more commercial songs, still basing on composed progressive rock and poems, but now appearing as straight rockers and disco-funk. But the album also includes one of the most progressive tracks of heartscore with a full orchestra: "The miller's wife".
In 2009 heartscore presents "Touch me", which marks a turn around in the style of heartscore, because the music is leaving the progressive style. heartscore is using now synthesizers, the choirs are gone and the songs are shorter and much more straight forward.


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