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ReportCynicism ManagementCynicism Management

  • Founded: September 2008
  • Location: Izola / Maribor, Slovenia


  • Madward
  • systrall
  • Qiwi

"Cynicism Management" is a band dedicated to writing worldwide smash hit singles in odd time signatures, and annoying people with them live, too. Check out all the gory dirty details at http://cynmanagement.blogspot.com/


Cynicism Management is a brainchild of seasoned musicians who keep getting even more seasoned with every passing year, but who have, to date, nevertheless failed to write any hit singles. Hence their latest endeavour - Cynicism Management, the newest attempt at global domination.

The scheme started out in late 2008 as an experiment – the whole affair was to be an "ongoing online literary musical". At its core, the idea was quite simple: to gradually write a fictional "blog" that would, hopefully, eventually develop into a kind of a novel. As the novel was to focus on the epic tales of a band called Cynicism Management, the blog would also contain original tracks written and recorded by this fictional band. Should the idea gain more momentum, any additional materials produced in the context of this project would be included in the "blog / novel", ideally resulting in a comprehensive work of, perhaps, interesting dimensions and format.

However, as this cunning plan was undertaken by people who are musicians to their very core, it is perhaps not surprising that the music soon became their primary concern. Thus a live lineup of the band has been established before the "novel" ever saw the light of day, and is already performing live, which was actually not a part of the original "strategy". Naturally, at this point it would be completely idiotic if the real band insisted it was in fact some other, "fictional" band.

The real, tangible Cynicism Management band consists of the following troops:

Monika Fritz - vocals, laptop
Andrej Babič - guitar
Enej Demirović - guitar
Samo Pečar - bass
Borut Praper - drums

In May 2011 Cynicism Management released their first "tangible" album entitled Tit, followed in September by a digital release under the AMAdea Music label.

Former band members include guitarists Jan Urbanc (replaced by Enej Demirović in 2010) and Aljaž Tulimirović (replaced by Andrej Babič in 2011), as well as sound engineer, laptop operator and knob expert Aljoša Mislej, who left the band due to severe “time shortage” and was replaced by several interchangeable sound engineers :)

However, the fictional, incorporeal band is also alive and well. Its story used to unravel gradually, in weekly episodes, at http://cynmanagement.blogspot.com. But as the novel is currently nearing completion, the "online" literary experiment has been discontinued until further notice due to a large number of revisions and changes bound to take place in the next few months.


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  • woodjean's picture
    Left by woodjean, on Mar 24, 2010 - 10:34
    Don't know how I've miss you but I'm glad you're here. I love finding music that is different. Yours is very good.
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