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  • Age: 36
  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America
  • Label: out of stock records

Social. You might have heard of him before... but more than likely not. The reason for this is simple - he's a nobody. Still, don't let that stop you from soaking in his delightful sound. He is a future superstar on the rise and has already begun his climb to the top by performing at multiple bake sale events throughout the valley of Phoenix, AZ ...coming soon to a Bar mitzvah near you (or quite possibly a Quinceanera).

In reality, he is a man who has had dreams come true and dreams fall apart. He has been both the victim and victor in the battle of social facades and reality. His driving force is to see society wake up from a fantasy world of liposuction and collagen and join the world of reality. He is a realist... and his goal is to slap society in the face with that reality. He will probably never be on MTV(do they still play music?), BET(he's too white) or VH1(remember the 80's?). But you can be rest assured that he doesn't have any implants and he actually writes his own songs. And if you ever do see him perform live, he will ACTUALLY be performing live... no lip-syncing. That's Social's guarantee. Welcome to Reality.


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