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Calendar for "Uncategorized"

"Uncategorized" Weekly Charts


    Artist Title    
1 The Grammar Club The Grammar Club No Worry Birdie +1   
2 Lumiere Tales Lumiere Tales Enchanting   
3 Corrado Rossi Corrado Rossi In the Peony garden   
4 Pete Roze Pete Roze ReArrange   
5 fariz Alfa Summer   
6 Lydia Ashton Lydia Ashton Leave Me (Credits) -5 deleted
7 Owlright Owlright Jrain   
8 The Hazy Eyed Smiles The Hazy Eyed Smiles Redeemed   
9 Steve, The Amazing Steve, The Amazing Striped Tees and Cigarettes -6   
10 Owlright Owlright BNNSFTF   
11 Pete Roze Pete Roze Sunsh!ne by Pete Roze   
12 Owlright Owlright Belewp +33   
13 Owlright Owlright Made for You   
14 Running Sushi Running Sushi Jen tak plout (2013)   
15 Owlright Owlright Movin Out   
16 Steve, The Amazing Steve, The Amazing The Day that Doesn't Exist +3   
17 Mozzaratti Mozzaratti Travelin' Brick -1   
18 Owlright Owlright Shadows   
19 Owlright Owlright Future Plans   
20 Owlright Owlright Hotdog -9   
21 Owlright Owlright How I Know You   
22 JUZHIN Juzhin The Advent -12   
23 Reggie Miles Reggie Miles It's The Slide Of Your Size -6   
24 Owlright Owlright Die Every Day   
25 GAEA GAEA Gaea Soul Vibration   
26 NizzyNateMillyunz Brady Akin (ft. NizzyNate Mill... No One Like Me Mastered   
27 Owlright Owlright 8ooker -14   
28 Kindergarten Slut Kindergarten Slut The King -14   
29 Superpowerless Superpowerless Tragic But Magic   
30 Shine Shine Judas and Mary -8   
31 The Excuses The Excuses Stadium Roc (192 Kbps)   
32 Oh'guitar Jones (Rob Lein) Rob Lein Fixed   
33 Carrie Clark & the Lonesome Lovers Carrie Clark Where are You   
34 Steve, The Amazing Steve, The Amazing Starving Artist -19   
35 Nadia Kent Nadia Kent Antelope Island   
36 Drew Smith's Lonely Choir Drew Smith Squeezing the Elephants   
37 Anthony Lapalomento Anthony Lapalomento Sing Again   
38 Shine Shine I Feel Love Again -20   
39 Reggie Miles Reggie Miles The Devil   
40 Dan Seavey 61702 What Tha Bizzness Is   
41 Gidgets Ga Ga Gidgets Ga Ga Belmont   
42 Smarton trio Smarton trio weightlessness   
43 Mario Strack Mario Strack She Said   
44 Hillgrass Bluebilly Records Left Lane Cruiser That Ass (live)   
45 Overproof Soundsystem Overproof Soundsystem Jump Up   
46 Gidgets Ga Ga Gidgets Ga Ga The Bomb   
47 WolfPaw® Wolfpaw Rollin On My Sixties   
48 badtouch badtouch Will & Wes, Son!   
49 ManOrMouse? Man or Mouse She Rules   
50 19 Action News 19 Action News Pick Up The Phone   
51 Westbound Departure Westbound Departure Miles Of Country   
52 Mike and the Moonpies Mike and the Moonpies El Camino   
53 Chris Lee Chris Lee Money Talks by Chris Lee & SP (Jay Z on the hook)   
54 Caro Emerald Caro Emerald That Man   
55 Pehr Flühr aka Le Flühr Delicious Fish Rushing Back To Stanstead   
56 Mind Cinema Mind Cinema Fiza Americana   
57 Seven Seven Come Up feat. Rashad Yarnell   
58 Baltimore House Studio Major Major Major Substance Missing   
59 emorej emorej Loud Music   
60 Ken Mahru Ken Mahru the Blitz   
61 Ed Martin Ed Martin J'ai Peur de L'amour   
62 The Weary Boys The Weary Boys Sweet Pauline   
63 Zaleta Lex Zaleta The Valley Song (with Bret Alexander)   
64 Jupiter Skydive Jupiter Skydive Gettin' Food   
65 The Wandering Sort The Wandering Sort BACKBONE   
66 19 Action News 19 Action News Grand Canyon   
67 Felecia Ford Felecia Ford with Hundred Year... Sunshine   
68 stephanie nilles Nilles and the Nihilists 05 Beacon of Liberty   
69 The Benja Men The Benja Men Scourge of the Southwest   
70 badtouch Badtouch Take The Day! (off) +2   
71 The Weary Boys The Weary Boys Cruel Corrine   
72 Warren Buckler Warren Buckler Grandpa's Old Posters   
73 The Gonzo Circus The Gonzo Circus Bomb   
74 storie grubb storie grubb Footsteps deleted
75 The Weird Project The Weird project Pushin Dope   
76 Tommy Von Sir Arthur and the Round Orbit RetroHol   
77 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent Naval Mine -21   
78 Bradley Thomas Watkins Cat Walshak/Bradley Thomas Wat... Nine Four One Two Four   
79 Echo Pilot Echo Pilot Grim Hits the Dance Floor   
80 Ninth Paradise Ninth Paradise 01 Picture   
81 L.A.M.P. Camille Sledge My Name Is Hip Hop   
82 Cebe Music Cebe Bad Girl deleted
83 Fiona MacGinty Fiona MacGinty Lovers   
84 Chris Lee Chris Lee 85 More   
85 Baltimore House Studio Seth Sherman Untitled   
86 Michelle Lynn Michelle Lynn Old Soul Syndrome   
87 Devin Sidell Alchy Roll With It -59   
88 Plastic Tactics Plastic Tactics Bonsoir Ménage à Trois   
89 Folkvang Folkvang Folkvangs Första deleted
90 Derik Schumacher Derik Schumacher Never Ride Alone   
91 The Chris Romano Frequency The Chris Romano Frequency Ghostman on third -57   
92 The Grammar Club The Grammar Club Crashing Cars, Awarding Stars -52   
93 The Weird Project The Weird project Viewpoints   
94 CERUMENTRIC CERUMENTRIC Silver Clocks And The Orange Deluge -71   
95 Steve Martin Gary P. Gilroy Publications I Believe -38 deleted
97 Valeria Gallart Valeria Gallart No tengas miedo de amar -47   
98 Adam Schreiber Jack & The Bear Back To Despair -57   
99 Jesse Brand Jesse Brand Rebel Soul   
100 Kalabi Kalabi Dr Fichelson -47   

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