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Calendar for "Uncategorized"

"Uncategorized" Weekly Charts


    Artist Title    
1 Ashelyn Summers Ashelyn Summers Ambiguous Mess +2   
2 Ashelyn Summers Ashelyn Summers Everytime   
3 Sew Intricate Sew Intricate Button Nose +33   
4 Sew Intricate Sew Intricate Sixteen +41   
5 Sew Intricate Sew Intricate Smiles For Sunrise   
6 The Rescues The Rescues My Heart With You   
7 Nicholas Tanski Nicholas Tanski Kingston   
8 Nicholas Tanski Nicholas Tanski Illusion   
9 Sew Intricate Sew Intricate Sweet_talker   
10 Sew Intricate Sew Intricate Perfect Anantomy   
11 Sew Intricate Sew Intricate Smalltown Girl   
12 Sew Intricate Sew Intricate Mr. I'm ok   
13 BrandonMicheal Brandon Micheal The Weather   
14 BrandonMicheal Brandon Micheal Curve Balls   
15 Three Ninjas Three Ninjas What It's Like When She Speaks   
16 Glenn Case Glenn Case D&D at the Public Library   
17 Tetrastar Tetrastar Mega Tsunami deleted
18 Pitch Twit Pitch Twit Treatment (Extended Mix)   
19 Hollidayrain Hollidayrain Subconscious +28   
20 Hollidayrain Hollidayrain Deep Introspection +22   
21 Saivu Saivu Exit deleted
22 Sew Intricate Sew Intricate Vowels +36   
23 BEG, BORROW, OR STEAL RECORDS, LLC 360 Stop The Violence   
24 Caro Emerald Caro Emerald That Man   
25 BEG, BORROW, OR STEAL RECORDS, LLC Lil Chief, Lil Ratchet, Tae Do... They Don't Fight No More   
26 Before Blue Before Blue Remember on your own time   
27 Sew Intricate Sew Intricate Called Me Hot   
28 Jordan Reyne Jordan Reyne from Gravesend   
29 Sew Intricate Sew Intricate Mouth Like A Motor   
30 Hollidayrain Matisyahu One Day (Hollidayrain Remix) +26   
31 Before Blue Before Blue If it's raining   
32 Amaani Musical Youth Never Gonna Give You Up -11   
33 BEG, BORROW, OR STEAL RECORDS, LLC JustDink, Anona Miz Why   
34 Tetrastar Tetrastar Rainbow In The Dark (Cover) deleted
35 Terrain Terrain The Devil You Know -20 deleted
36 Hollidayrain Hollidayrain The Photoelectric Effect +4   
37 Three Ninjas Three Ninjas If There Were Such Things   
38 Saivu Saivu Brother deleted
39 Richard John Richard John Another Lazy Afternoon   
40 Hollidayrain Ke$ha Tik Tok (Hollidayrain Bootleg) +14   
41 The Out of Towner Oot Darling   
42 I Am Not Lefthanded I am not lefthanded Rushing   
43 The Out of Towner Oot idk +30   
44 Saivu Saivu Sucker deleted
45 Hollidayrain Hollidayrain WTF Dub? +33   
46 Vanessa Littrell Vanessa Littrell Sanctuary   
47 BEG, BORROW, OR STEAL RECORDS, LLC Spank G Only In America   
48 paige stark Paige Stark In The End deleted
49 Hollidayrain Hollidayrain Thursday Night on Pearl Street +13   
50 BEG, BORROW, OR STEAL RECORDS, LLC Lil Doety, Lil Ratchet, Sic Em... Root Of All Evil   
51 Hollidayrain Hollidayrain Complete +47   
52 BEG, BORROW, OR STEAL RECORDS, LLC Mz Anonymous, Young Gunna Can We Stop The Violence   
53 Charlee Charlee West   
54 BEG, BORROW, OR STEAL RECORDS, LLC Jordash a.k.a Dribble How Do I Deal Wit It   
55 BrandonMicheal Brandon Micheal Wonders   
56 Suzen JueL Suzen JueL Did You Enjoy The Ride   
57 Hollidayrain Hollidayrain Nytrox -6   
58 Jordan Reyne Jordan Reyne the Witness (Murder)   
59 The Out of Towner O.o.t & M.a.r.s Fukdelux_oot_et_m-a-r-s   
60 Jordan Reyne Jordan Reyne Ghosts (Lest we Forget)   
61 The Out of Towner O.o.t S.C.B.V   
62 BEG, BORROW, OR STEAL RECORDS, LLC A.C.E., & Lyrical Snapp Moment In Silence   
63 Three Ninjas Three Ninjas Even Nerds Have Sex And Are Good At It -54   
64 Mandy Rogers Mandy Rogers Mad World -35   
65 The Out of Towner O.o.t Exempt   
66 Clone Anima House Of Love (Clone Remix)   
67 Mozzaratti Mozzaratti A Moment's Reprieve   
68 BrandonMicheal BrandonMicheal This Time Around   
69 The Out of Towner O.o.t flowfromtheoh   
70 Mozzaratti Mozzaratti Shagohad's Demise   
71 Saivu Saivu Iron Curtain deleted
72 Ifiok Obot iObot Memories   
73 BEG, BORROW, OR STEAL RECORDS, LLC 88K3YZ, Yung Spott, A.C.E. Not A Priority   
74 The Grammar Club The Grammar Club Code Monkey   
75 Three Ninjas Three Ninjas Going Gay For House   
76 Lydia Ashton Lydia Ashton Sunny Day deleted
77 Nicholas Tanski Nicholas Tanski A Guide For The Perplexed -27   
78 BEG, BORROW, OR STEAL RECORDS, LLC Vanitee/Troof See Another Day   
79 Ray Kosmick and his Porn Groove Crew Ray Kosmick and his Porn Groov... I Find It Twitching   
80 SackJo22 SackJo22 After the War (ft. Alex, MoShang, HEJ31)   
81 Aiode Aiode The Somnambulist   
82 SackJo22 SackJo22 (Remixed by audiotech... Cabin Fever mix (ft. Sackjo. St Paul,Yewbic,ERH,JCH321,Gorgoroth6669)   
83 Ornaith O'Dowd Ornaith O'Dowd An Evening by the Sea   
84 mousefire mouse fire True. I may have Lost It   
85 Nicholas Tanski Nicholas Tanski Venus -59   
87 BEARBOT BEARBOT Kick,Push,Drugs   
88 Al Oomens Al Oomens Going In Circles deleted
89 Amaani Musical Youth Tell Me Why -50   
90 Sew Intricate Sew Intricate Break The Seams -11   
91 Adam Varney finglebone We-know deleted
92 Voodoo Emissions Voodoo Emissions Wind Up   
93 The Downstairs Room The Downstairs Room Release the Platypus   
94 Berry Berry Crow   
95 BEG, BORROW, OR STEAL RECORDS, LLC 7-40-7 Reckless   
96 Mr. & Mrs. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Smith Black Crow   
97 Nebulae Nebulae Other Shores deleted
98 Tim Allen Tim Allen Call To Arms deleted
99 Marianne  Söderholm Marianne Söderholm The Serpent (demo)   
100 Jacob  Reynolds Goodchild Goodbye Joe   

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