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"Jazz" Weekly Charts

"Jazz" Monthly Charts


    Artist Title    
1 Chloe Brisson Chloe Brisson Aretha   
2 Chloe Brisson Chloe Brisson I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter   
3 Chloe Brisson Chloe Brisson So Long, You Fool   
4 Chloe Brisson Chloe Brisson Blame It On My Youth   
5 Chloe Brisson Chloe Brisson Day By Day   
6 Chloe Brisson Chloe Brisson Send For Me   
7 Chloe Brisson Chloe Brisson I Fall In Love Too Easily   
8 Chloe Brisson Chloe Brisson Dindi   
9 William Hollifield William Hollifield Your Small World   
10 Greg Spero Greg Spero Quintet Sly (part 1)   
11 William Hollifield William Hollifield (I Still Get) Butterflies   
12 Smarton trio Smarton trio train to the moon   
13 Nicholas Tanski Nicholas Tanski A Smokey Piano Bar   
14 Smarton trio Smarton trio ancient g   
15 Smarton trio Smarton trio naturelle   
16 Smarton trio Smarton trio noname   
17 Greg Spero Greg Spero Quintet Auctual Proof   
18 badtouch badtouch Will & Wes, Son!   
19 SackJo22 Sackjo22 (Remixed by Mistery) Senseless   
20 Greg Spero Greg Spero Flow (pumped mix) - is this mix better than the first version?   
21 Melody Romancito dabra's mix of Calling Sister ... Maybe I Should Stay   
22 Greg Spero Greg Spero Quintet Flow   
23 JamieKent Jamie Kent Matilda   
24 Kit Nelson Kristi Nelson Mr. Right   
25 Lindy - Jazz & More Lindy Waldeck Melody's Melody   
26 Lindy - Jazz & More Lindy Waldeck 1963 (A tribute to the Sixties)   
27 stephanie nilles Nilles and the Nihilists 01 A Great Notion   
28 stephanie nilles Stephanie Nilles Caution Tape   
29 stephanie nilles Stephanie Nilles My Favorite Things   
30 Frets Nirvana Frets Nirvana Minor Swing Analog Mix2   
31 William Hollifield William Hollifield Bruce Lee (Live)   
32 William Scally The MB Project Chamomile Tea   
33 William Hollifield William Hollifield If You Fall Down Naked (Leslie's Reprise)   
34 William Hollifield William Hollifield Petey Greene   
35 William Hollifield William Hollifield Clarence Boddicker (Not a Good Name for a Bad Guy)   
36 Jeffrey E. PeƱalva Acidmunky Drunken Kick   
37 William Hollifield William Hollifield Dooliop Music   
38 William Hollifield William Hollifield Amicabiliter Justicia (Social Justice)   
39 William Hollifield William Hollifield You Smell Like the Brownie I Should've Had   
40 Jeremy and Rebecca Jeremy and Rebecca Have You Got The Time   
41 Greg Spero Greg Spero Yesterdays   
42 BassPlayer3187 BassPlayer3187 Take The A Train   
43 Greg Spero Greg Spero Exit Music for a Film   
44 BassPlayer3187 BassPlayer3187 A Night In Tunsia   
45 Greg Spero Greg Spero Blue in Green   
46 Coll Andrews Coll Andrews Jazzmatazz   
47 BassPlayer3187 BassPlayer3187 Birdland   
48 William Scally The Dahni Scally Band But Beautiful   
49 William Scally The Dahni Scally Band The Things We Did Last Summer   
50 William Scally The Dahni Scally Band You Stepped Out of a Dream   
51 William Scally The Dahni Scally Band Laura   
52 William Scally The Dahni Scally Band Good Luck   
53 Christopher Gamper Christopher Gamper Little Sunflower   
54 Christopher Gamper Christopher Gamper Emily   
55 Christopher Gamper Christopher Gamper Turnaround   
56 Christopher Gamper Christopher Gamper Windows   
57 Christopher Gamper Christopher Gamper Chameleon   
58 Chloe Brisson Chloe Brisson They Cant take that Away From me   
59 Chloe Brisson Chloe Brisson summertime   
60 Que Lastima Que Lastima Tritone   
61 Joey Fishman Que Lastima F Minor Jam   
62 BassPlayer3187 BassPlayer3187 The Lady Is A Tramp   
63 BassPlayer3187 BassPlayer3187 Just Friends   
64 BassPlayer3187 BassPlayer3187 Stormy Weather   
65 BassPlayer3187 BassPlayer3187 You Win Some You Blues Some   
66 BassPlayer3187 BassPlayer3187 Teen Town   
67 BassPlayer3187 BassPlayer3187 Continuum   
68 BassPlayer3187 BassPlayer3187 So What   
69 Winston Barrett Muchos Backflips! Worst Episode Ever   
70 Tom Sawyer The As-is Ensemble Sweatin' Rosie   
71 Jared Hallock-Experimental Jared Hallock-Experimental Hallock-Hartung-Mcfadin   

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