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Calendar for "Indie"

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"Indie" Weekly Charts


    Artist Title    
1 Deflatables Deflatables You Are OK (Album Version)   
2 Heather Marie Heather Marie Honesty v. Insecurity   
3 George Glass George Glass Tricks of the Tradeless   
4 George Glass George Glass Brute Us   
5 George Glass George Glass Welcome Home   
6 Heather Marie Heather Marie Scratch   
7 Burro Music Burro Music Harps   
8 amandacottreau amandacottreau Couldn't Wait (unmastered)   
9 Caterwauler Kevin Reid & Caterwauler We Belong To Where We Began deleted
10 Christina Horn Hudson K Fade   
11 The Autumn Film The Autumn Film Ocean Blue   
12 The Autumn Film The Autumn Film March On   
13 ...soihadto... ...soihadto... The Last Mistake I Ever Made   
14 developer developer Week 39, Alas   
15 The Day Life The Day Life Blowing in the Breeze   
16 The Day Life The Day Life Real Life   
17 The Day Life The Day Life Chelsea   
18 The Day Life The Day Life The British One   
19 The Ladies of Sport The Ladies of Sport Thefinches   
20 The Mother Machine The Mother Machine Watering Hole   
21 two seconds away Two Seconds Away Late Night Lullaby   
22 Ivory Drive Ivory Drive The Ballad of Molly Parker   
23 Richard John Richard John Another Lazy Afternoon   
24 AM AM Grand Opinon (Live from KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic)   
25 AM AM Darker Days (Live from KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic)   
26 Heather Marie Heather Marie Frozen Lakes   
27 Heather Marie Heather Marie Galaxy   
28 Ivory Drive Ivory Drive Carry the One   
29 The Autumn Film The Autumn Film Because We Are   
30 developer developer Week 31, Old and Close   
31 developer developer Week 30, Spinning +1   
32 two seconds away two seconds away Freakin me Out +3   
33 Drew Smith's Lonely Choir Drew Smith Follow Me Down +12   
34 developer developer Week 29, Undefined +2   
35 Hazle Weatherfield Hazle Weatherfield Photographs +3   
36 The Autumn Film The Autumn Film Ships On The Ocean Floor +3   
37 Hazle Weatherfield Hazle Weatherfield Nightstand Light +3   
38 Thus the Tinsilemen Thus the Tinsilemen Evergreen Trees +3   
39 I Am Not Lefthanded I Am Not Lefthanded Drinking Whisky +5   
40 Alexis Blue Alexis Blue Your Easy Life -3   
41 Heather Marie Heather Marie Answers (ft. sleepstatic) +5   
42 David Van Amburg David Van Amburg Rock On, Space Monkey   
43 Polka Glocks Polka Glocks Polka Glocks - Give Up The Ghost   
44 Canoe Canoe The Planet +3   
45 Viola Viola Tedium Rock -12   
46 Chip Means Greyshield A Regret +2   
47 Anne Tique Anne Tique Pencils Insulate -13   
48 Ohio Avenue Ohio Avenue Broken Dreams +2   
49 Heather Marie Heather Marie The Good News   
50 Heather Marie Heather Marie Evergreen +1   
51 Seth Sherman Seth Sherman Sick of This Life -20   
52 Heather Marie Heather Marie big sad sea   
53 Field Trip Field Trip Lucky Man   
54 Thus the Tinsilemen Thus the Tinsilemen Catalon-karocon   
55 Davy Hamburgers David Van Amburg David Van Amburg - Boo's Lullaby   
56 half acre day Half Acre Day Astronauts   
57 ManOrMouse? Man or Mouse? Do Or Die?   
58 Bang Bangs Bang Bangs Under The Gun   
59 Jamie Rumley Jamie Rumley Anywhere But Here   
60 Wizard of Odd Wizard of Odd All American Boy   
61 Heather Marie Heather Marie Empty Stomach   
62 two seconds away Two Seconds Away Fell For You   
63 Ivory Drive Ivory Drive Hide and Seek   
64 iloveghosts Iloveghosts Letting Go   
65 parker BOMBSHELL parker BOMBSHELL Lip-Synch   
66 The Age of Rockets The Age Of Rockets Avada Kedavra   
67 The Age of Rockets The Age Of Rockets Elephant & Castle   
68 The Age of Rockets The Age Of Rockets Ship To Shore   
69 The Nobodies The Nobodies What I've Done (Demo)   
70 Ask You In Gray Ask You In Gray Chicago (Originally by Sufjan Stevens)   
71 Davy Hamburgers David Van Amburg Precision Machine   
72 The Hard To Get The Hard to Get The Verge   
73 Interest Relief Interest Relief Nothing (Never Mind)   
74 Helen Austin Helen Austin But I Want To   
75 Kit Nelson Kristi Nelson Don't Push It   
76 Kit Nelson Kristi Nelson Gloomy Sunday   
77 Kit Nelson Kristi Nelson You Give Me a Reason to Shave my Legs   
78 Kit Nelson Kristi Nelson Me Angee and the Peppertree   
79 Kit Nelson Kristi Nelson Lonely Show   
80 Concerning Lions Concerning Lions Rolling Storm, Titan Sigh   
81 Interest Relief Interest Relief Papercuts   
82 The Cog is Dead The Cog is Dead Time Machine   
83 Finn Riggins Finn Riggins The Plumest   
84 Finn Riggins Finn Riggins Pannin for Gold   
85 Finn Riggins Finn Riggins Box Elder   
86 Finn Riggins Finn Riggins Hraka   
87 Finn Riggins Finn Riggins Glove Comprtmnt   
88 AM AM It's Been So Long   
89 Finn Riggins Finn Riggins Shaky   
90 Finn Riggins Finn Riggins Furs   
91 Shael Riley and the Double Ice Backfire Shael Riley and the Double Ice... Bits and Pieces (Live on Talk Nerdy to Me) +3   
92 Finn Riggins Finn Riggins Dali -1   
93 Caterwauler Kevin Reid & Caterwauler Everywhere Is Home -1 deleted
94 Ornaith O'Dowd Ornaith O'Dowd An Evening by the Sea -1   
95 Andy Bianculli Andy Bianculli Old Manhattan +4   
96 stateshirt State Shirt Postcard -1   
97 stateshirt State Shirt Life Isn't Everything -1   
98 Anthem of Silence Anthem of Silence 55,000 -1   
99 developer developer Week 9, Solace -1   
100 Otis Crook Icey Stars ?   

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