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« "Hip Hop" - February 5 to 11, 2017 »

"Hip Hop"

    Artist Title    
1 Myz Myz Thought I Knew   
2 NizzyNateMillyunz NizzyNate Millyunz Eulogies   
3 NizzyNateMillyunz NizzyNate Millyunz Donald Trump   
4 Team Prolific Team Prolific Situations (prod San Calo) (Clean)   
5 Team Prolific Team Prolific Feat. Nina Simon... Spell On You (clean)   
6 Team Prolific Team Prolific Getting Down (Clean)   
7 MDotCook MDotCook Mister Baltimore City   
8 Polka Glocks Polka Glocks VS KFOX Polka Glocks VS KFOX - Wooden Men Burn Better Than They Dance   
9 Beefy Beefy Game Store Girl   
10 WolfPaw┬« Wolfpaw Kickin It Wit My Crew   
11 Pharmies Pharmies Beat Goes On   
12 BEG, BORROW, OR STEAL RECORDS, LLC Don G, & Low Time Bomb   
13 Three Ninjas Three Ninjas Why Girls Don't Like Me   
14 Pharmies Cashiz Raye and Pharmies Love X 3   
15 Dr. Awkward Dr. Awkward Humble   
16 Dr. Awkward Dr. Awkward Geekquilibrium Remix (by Untested Methods)   
17 Dr. Awkward Dr. Awkward Unlimited   
18 Tim Wallis The Dunlendings Get a Taste   
19 Jahbil Jahbil How We Do   
20 Miss Marianna no artist AudioTrack 05   
21 Miss Marianna no artist AudioTrack 04   
22 Ifiok Obot iObot Phantom   
23 badtouch badtouch Chris Merritt/badtouch President's Day Jam Session pts 1 and 2   
24 Witness Witness Yesterday's Wake   
25 Witness Witness Only Children   
26 D.A.R.Y.L. D.A.R.Y.L. Meal Ticket   
27 Witness Witness Canvas Stays Blank   
28 The Weird Project The Weird project Breakdancin   
29 Witness Witness Said The Sunrise   
30 D.A.R.Y.L. THE N WORD D.A.R.Y.L   
31 Polka Glocks Polka Glocks Polka Glocks - Set Jazz Free   
32 D.A.R.Y.L. THE N WORD My People   
33 Polka Glocks Polka Glocks Price Wars   
34 Seven Seven Come Up feat. Rashad   
35 Polka Glocks Polka Glocks & Harperactive Polka Glocks & Harperactive - Once Upon A Summer   
36 Polka Glocks Polka Glocks vs. Bankai Polka Glocks vs. Bankai - Navigator 2.5   
37 Myz Myz Keep On Flowing   
38 Three Ninjas Three Ninjas The Ecstacy of Mallard   
39 Three Ninjas Three Ninjas Five Finger Discount   
40 Three Ninjas Three Ninjas How To Stop Being Sad   
41 Myz Myz Rollercoaster   
42 Three Ninjas Three Ninjas Mike Kripke's Basement (featuring Light Bear)   
43 badtouch badtouch The Come Up (AZ remix)   
44 Three Ninjas Three Ninjas Normal And Pathological   
47 Myz Myz A Long Year   
49 badtouch badtouch Weapons Grade (f/ The Deacon)   
50 Klopfenpop Supercommuter Itty Bitty Pigeons (Klopfenpop Mix)   
51 badtouch badtouch Train Wreck (f/ The Deacon)   
52 Prophet Say-Yo PROPHET SAY-YO reach for the sky (valerna)   
53 Grizli EL Bey Grizli EL Bey AUG Stand Up Instramental   
54 Prophet Say-Yo PROPHET SAY-YO His name is (Prophet)   
55 Ifiok Obot Lucoman (Prod. iObot) I'm a Monster (remix)   
56 Ifiok Obot iObot Pirates   
57 Polka Glocks Polka Glocks Polka Glocks - Candy Rockets   
58 BEG, BORROW, OR STEAL RECORDS, LLC DHL-Discipline, Hollis Rock, L... Unity   
59 Polka Glocks Polka Glocks Polka Glocks & Three Ninjas - Glockness Monster   
60 Ruel E.A.R.T.H. ft. TIE (Take It Ea... Sexin' After Textin'   
61 The Out of Towner J-hall&O.o.t Cold   
63 Grizli EL Bey Grizli EL Bey A.U.G Stand Up!!!   
64 Grizli EL Bey Grizli EL Bey I Know U Want it   
65 Antonio Yung Smooth 03 Track 3   
66 Antonio Yung Smooth 02 Track 2   
67 Antonio Yung Smooth 01 Track 1   
68 D.A.R.Y.L. D.A.R.Y.L. U.A.M.   
69 Myz Myz Still Tippin Remix   
70 Myz Myz The Part Time Click   
71 C.O. C.O. MY FAULT   
72 Jon BlaQ K-Mac feat. Seven Super Thugz   
73 Jon BlaQ Raz Eyez Of Hiz Majesty   
74 Jon BlaQ Jon Blaq Blaq Listed   
75 Jon BlaQ Equinox Blow It Out   
76 Jon BlaQ Seven Come Up feat. Rashad   
77 DALGOZ DALGOZ Naughty pheat. Rryval Nashun   
78 DALGOZ DALGOZ We Got It All pheat. DREAD I   
79 Myz Myz The Plague   
80 Myz Myz Jd Feat Mista Myz - Master Plan   
81 Myz Myz Closed Casket   
82 Myz Myz Check Check   
83 Myz Myz Brap- Prettiest Unmastered   
84 Myz Myz Backs   
85 Myz Myz Ancient Techniques   
86 Myz Myz Western   
87 Myz Myz The Sickness Track   
88 Myz Myz Stds   
89 Myz Myz Sick Click   
90 Myz Myz Pcf   
91 Myz Myz Oh   
92 Myz Myz Minnesota Swag   
93 Myz Myz Good   
94 Myz Myz Ftr   
95 Myz Myz From Mn   
96 Myz Myz Friday Night   
97 Myz Myz Cold World   
98 Myz Myz Bomb 2   
99 Myz Myz Blind Date   
100 J.Prodigal J.Prodigal Uninvited   

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