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"Electronica" Daily Charts

"Electronica" daily charts between January 6 and January 12 2019


    Artist Title    
1 ApSci ApSci Big Adventures   
2 SackJo22 SackJo22 Come Up For Air (ft. Alex, Anchor Mejans, Snowflake, Magic Moon)   
3 A Heart Of Black And White A Heart Of Black And White Not Today   
4 Gremlin Gremlin 80085   
5 parker BOMBSHELL parker BOMBSHELL Karma   
6 Gremlin Gremlin Stop, Go, Repeat   
7 Raptor System Raptor System The Wrong Way   
8 Einstein's Theory Einstein's Theory Trouble in the Lab   
9 kfox kfox kfox - Faxing Antarctica   
10 Widow's Copper Jay Martens The Unicorn   
11 Craigmire Craigmire Vibrant Sunrise   
12 Alex Gloworld Alex Gloworld Sleepdirt Funk   
13 Alex Gloworld Alex Gloworld Xelarez (w. Analogue Mindfield)   
14 Alex Gloworld Alex Gloworld Wonga   
15 Craigmire Craigmire Siren Escape   
16 kfox kfox kfox - Black Widow   
17 Craigmire Craigmire Listen Again   
18 dahthiong Death in Vegas Aisha   
19 Paper Sailboat Paper Sailboat Space Music   
20 The Siamese Electric The Siamese Electric I Wanna Be Sedated   
21 The Siamese Electric The Siamese Electric Fades Away   
22 Craigmire Craigmire Just A Beat   
23 Color Theory Color Theory It Must Be Halloween   
24 Widow's Copper Widow's Copper Futurerise   
25 Paper Sailboat Paper Sailboat World 4 (Super Mario Bros. 3 remix)   
26 Kalabi Kalabi tommy two pints   
27 Limpet Limpet Boop-a-bot   
28 Kalabi Kalabi Sunburnt Busker   
29 ApSci ApSci Let's RIP the Town Up   
30 Alt Track Alt Track No More   
31 meemusic meemusic Liquid   
32 Ugress Ugress Ghost Von Frost   
33 Kalabi Kalabi Fishbike   
34 Poppyfield Poppyfield Spy warp   
35 Ugress Ugress Kommisär Kontemporär   
36 Craigmire Craigmire Lost Cavern   
37 Lovespirals Lovespirals Love Survives   
38 Surfin' Nanorobots Surfin' Nanorobots Seven O'Clock   
39 Galileo's Cough Drop Galileo's Cough Drop Secret Signals   
40 Kalabi Kalabi 47 Burning Violins   
41 Sekeraj Sekeraj Trzlypt   
42 Alex Gloworld Alex Gloworld Chocolicious   
43 Craigmire Craigmire Make Ends Meet   
44 Ugress Ugress Rainy Transylvanian Day   
45 Clone Clone Moon in the Room   
46 Three Ninjas Three Ninjas How It Works Out (featuring Julia Massey)   
47 Clone Clone Vigil   
48 Craigmire Craigmire The Party Getaway   
49 Acid42 Acid42 Terebinth Of Moreh (Acidic Remix)   
50 Three Ninjas Three Ninjas Box Spring   
51 Craigmire Craigmire Be A Major   
52 sunslide sunslide k pearl   
53 sharkara krow-moe second duel (100% damage) (sharkara remix)   
54 Black Diamond Bay Black Diamond Bay Cold   
55 Acid42 Acid42 Future Sound Of Lamuan   
56 Acid42 Acid42 Tanday   
57 Melee Beats Melee Beats Heart Strings   
58 Melee Beats Melee Beats 02 Melee Beats - Distraction   
59 Odd Year Odd Year Be Still   
60 Craigmire Craigmire Skeleton Dance   
61 Craigmire Craigmire Do Whatcha Gotta Do   
62 Ugress Ugress Bad Dreams Come True   
63 Limpet Limpet A 80   
64 Limpet Alter Der Ruine Relax and Ride It (Limpet's Silly Face Remix)   
65 sunslide sunslide vilette   
66 Cameron Steele Cameron Steele Change Collector   
67 Craigmire Craigmire Broken Track   
68 The Reality Soldier Steve Lothrop Turbo Prop   
69 Ugress Ugress Spider Eyes (Spider-Man Theme)   
70 Ugress Ugress AMZ 1974   
71 Ugress Ugress It Was A Great Year (Movies With Robots)   
72 Ugress Ugress Robot Army   
73 Ugress Ugress feat Ninja 9000 Les Mondes Engloutis   
74 Broke For Free Broke For Free Soaked   
75 sharkara sharkara strut   
76 sharkara sharkara ruins   
77 Flexstyle Flexstyle Foliage Collective   
78 Odd Year Coury Palermo Here Comes The Rain (Odd Year Remix)   
79 sharkara sharkara fractions   
80 sharkara sharkara train tracks at 6 AM   
81 GOBI GOBI Bone Freeze   
82 GOBI GOBI Dirty Dancin   
83 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky put in it down   
84 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky Break Us Down   
85 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky Going Up   
86 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky Thank You   
87 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky Mekanism   
88 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky Redial   
89 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky One More Step   
90 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky Tu Dulce Mirada   
91 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky Come Back   
92 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky Backfight   
93 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky When The Sun Comes Out   
94 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky Today   
95 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky Beautiful Distortion   
96 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky Implode   
97 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky Lune Noir   
98 The Space Elevators The Space Elevators Tse082609pt3   
99 Carpe Deez Carpe Deez violent   
100 Carpe Deez Carpe Deez this day   

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