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Weekly Chart

Daily Charts between October 25 and October 31 2020


    Artist Title    
1 emorej emorej Tan   
2 Kode of Bliss Kode of Bliss Hybrid Cinerous Logic   
3 A Darker Premonition A Darker Premonition Above The Lake   
4 Odd Year Odd Year & The Reverb Junkie Its Just The Way I Feel   
5 CATALYST CATALYST Cobra Starship - You Make Me Feel (CATALYST Remix)   
6 Kevin Bryce k78 Now I will destroy the whole world   
7 Electro Freaks Present axisONE How I Prefer You   
8 Electro Freaks Present Xcone Void (Japan Natural Disaster Tribute Remix)   
9 Electro Freaks Present Flexstyle Agua Fria   
10 Electro Freaks Present zircon Bushido Blade   
11 A Heart Of Black And White A Heart Of Black And White Darker   
12 A Heart Of Black And White A Heart Of Black And White Doh!   
13 Poolside Poolside Fever (the Four Loko song)   
14 A Heart Of Black And White A Heart Of Black And White Hot Grills and High Tops (Dubstep Remix)   
15 jenk Jenk Multiple Stab Wounds   
16 Nicholas Tanski Nicholas Tanski Digits   
17 Odd Year Odd Year Forever (ft. jef vandertogt)   
18 Electro Freaks Present Belmont Craze   
19 Wolfframe Wolfframe Superalkash   
20 Electro Freaks Present Valerna Keep Up (feat. Countre Black)   
21 Electro Freaks Present Viola Neon Lightning   
22 Electro Freaks Present Slug A Tomorrow You Fade   
23 Electro Freaks Present Kegaska Zircofex Overdose (interpretation)   
24 Wolfframe Wolfframe Robot's Instinct   
25 Electro Freaks Present Harperactive Maraschino   
26 Electro Freaks Present Burro Music Harps   
27 Electro Freaks Present Daan Pothoven Cortex   
28 Electro Freaks Present EEPROM The Composition of Planets   
29 Burro Music Burro Music Harps   
30 Electro Freaks Present SGX Die Anyway   
31 KgZ KgZ Black Snow   
32 Owlright Owlright PREGDOOT   
33 able danger Able Danger Driven to the Depths of Mediocrity   
34 Craigmire Craigmire Go Get Em   
35 Three Ninjas Three Ninjas Twejected   
36 Finelle finelle Breathe (pink floyd cover)   
37 Superpowerless Superpowerless Princess   
38 Broke For Free Broke For Free Covered In Oil   
39 Mu Mu Byzantium   
40 September 29th September 29th We're On Loop   
41 Three Ninjas Three Ninjas Vive le Sadness   
42 Finelle Finelle Of the Summer and the Sun   
43 Steve, The Amazing Steve, The Amazing File Sharing   
44 The Pseudos The Pseudos Notes from the Higher Ground   
45 Jacob Hoff Jacob Hoff Hypothermia 2 - [sudo] password required   
46 Finelle Finelle Resolute (Winter)   
47 Tarekith Tarekith Huck & Drop (2010 Mix)   
48 Aiode Aiode & Heinali On The Floor You Can Swim In The Ocean   
49 Finelle Finelle ohio   
50 Wolfframe Wolfframe Skyfish   
51 Wolfframe Wolfframe HZCH   
52 Wolfframe Wolfframe Redhead Red   
53 Wolfframe Wolfframe Zavod & Bunker   
54 Wolfframe Wolfframe Shelter Signs   
55 Wolfframe Wolfframe Halfface   
56 Finelle finelle 10 Go   
57 Finelle Finelle Doxx   
58 Valerna Valerna Burn It Down! - Original Mix   
59 rjenkees Ronald Jenkees Disorganized Fun   
60 Finelle Finelle Landing Gear   
61 Aiode Aiode Bodies   
62 Aiode Aiode The Grouch   
63 Aiode Aiode The Fourth Morning [Part 2]   
64 Aiode Aiode The Third Night [Part 1]   
65 Aiode Aiode 1,000 Shelters   
66 Finelle Finelle Fire Crotch   
67 Jordan Reyne Jordan Reyne the Washing Machine Song   
68 Abstraktors Abstraktors eulerdisco   
69 Jordan Reyne Jordan Reyne Warsaw   
70 Jordan Reyne Jordan Reyne the Freeing of Baghdad   
71 The Siamese Electric The Siamese Electric A Little Bit of Anarchy   
72 Jupiter Skydive Jupiter Skydive NaNaNaNaBooBooBoo   
73 Tom Ato Tom Ato The Nas-Tea Mix   
74 The Downstairs Room The Downstairs Room Secrets   
75 Christian Mossuto Mossuto It's Finally Over   
76 Hollidayrain Hollidayrain Deep Introspection   
77 Finelle Finelle Butterwick (JRDN REMIX)   
78 Black Diamond Bay Black Diamond Bay Worship The Sun (Single Version)   
79 Stalker VA Stalker VA Floating away   
80 The Downstairs Room The Downstairs Room Whispers   
81 Finelle Finelle Online Farming   
82 Finelle Finelle Invoice   
83 Heather Marie Heather Marie Answers (ft. sleepstatic)   
84 Alt Track Alt Track Somewhere Along The Line   
85 SackJo22 SackJo22 (Remix by urmymuse) white cube   
86 Warren Buckler Warren Buckler Arlington Place   
87 Klopfenpop I Fight Dragons Money feat. Klopfenpop   
88 Ohio Avenue Ohio Avenue Broken Dreams   
89 Voodoo Emissions Voodoo Emissions 2nd Cousins   
90 The Downstairs Room The Downstairs Room Strings   
91 SackJo22 SackJo22 (Remix by Zapac) Power (chill mix)   
92 The Nova Echo The Nova Echo Zion   
93 The Nova Echo The Nova Echo Orion   
94 The Nova Echo The Nova Echo Delta   
95 The Nova Echo The Nova Echo Arcadia   
96 The Nova Echo The Nova Echo Origin   
97 The Nova Echo The Nova Echo Votre Amour   
98 The Nova Echo The Nova Echo Positronic   
99 The Nova Echo The Nova Echo Alpha   
100 The Nova Echo The Nova Echo V   

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