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"Electro" This Week

Weekly Chart

Daily Charts between October 25 and October 31 2020


    Artist Title    
1 Tom Ato Tom Ato Videotape (Tomato Remix)   
2 Shine Shine I Feel Love Again   
3 Superpowerless Superpowerless Stomp This City   
4 Napoleon Kofi Napoleon Kofi Less Is More   
5 Owlright Owlright We Are Alone   
6 Owlright Owlright Nooft   
7 Electro Freaks Present EEPROM The Composition of Planets   
8 Electro Freaks Present SGX Die Anyway   
9 Electro Freaks Present Bankai The Epic Part 3.5 [Live Bankai Remix]   
10 Owlright Owlright FroCo BaCo (feat. Greg Karnes)   
11 Tom Ato Senryu Inklings (electrostatic Tomato Mix)   
12 The Long Division The Long Division Oh Marion   
13 old detroit radio old detroit radio waingro   
14 Pitch Twit Pitch Twit Impetus (Original Mix)   
15 meemusic meemusic Muz   
16 CATALYST CATALYST The Killers - Shadowplay (CATALYST Remix)   
17 CATALYST CATALYST Timbaland - The Way I Are (CATALYST Remix)   
18 Alex Gloworld Alex Gloworld Cliquetrak   
19 Tom Ato Tom Ato Tomato Mixtape Vol. 1   
20 Daddy Big Mac DADDY BIG MAC Fatty Sez Glue   
21 Clone Clone Vigil   
22 Jupiter Skydive Jupiter Skydive Gettin' Food   
23 Electro Freaks Present Flexstyle Electro Freak   
24 Harperactive Harperactive Caturday Night Fever, YO (meow mix)   
25 Harperactive Harperactive Jockin On Yo Bitch Ass   
26 Daddy Big Mac Daddy Big Mac Hunter Munkey and the Audiophile Murders   
27 Alex Gloworld Alex Gloworld Guess What (More Cowbell)   
28 Shoops SHOOPS Do Me, Work It (Dear Isis   
29 Shoops Music SHOOPS Do Me, Work It (Dear Isis "jerk it" Remix)   
30 TURBO P TURBO P Turbo P - Cmon Dj(320)   
31 TURBO P TURBO P Turbo P - Fuxin It Up(320)   
32 TURBO P TURBO P Turbo P - Rave Pirates   
33 old detroit radio old detroit radio thorazine [1H43 edit]   
34 Tom Ato Tom Ato Bass Face (Dope Fiends Mix)   
35 Tom Ato Tom Ato Cross the Dancefloor (Tomato Remix)   
36 Tom Ato Tom Ato The Funeral (Band of Tomatoes Remix)   
37 Bankai Bankai Navigator II (Reculer Pour Mieux Sauter)   
39 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky Naked Lips   
40 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky No More Lies (Butterfly Snow Pie)   
41 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky All Night   
42 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky Going Up   
43 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky Mekanism   
44 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky Redial   
45 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky One Stone   
46 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky starlight   
47 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky Forever and Ever   
48 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky Low End Phobia   
49 Jeremy Gluck Jeremy Gluck I Break Through - The Carbon Manual - Lola Dutronic Mix   
50 The Space Elevators The Space Elevators Geopolitik   
51 MuscleMouth MuscleMouth TheAntiGravitySlideSyndrome   
52 MuscleMouth MuscleMouth EmilioEnRoute   
53 MuscleMouth MuscleMouth MeanMan   
54 MuscleMouth MuscleMouth Springtime   
55 MuscleMouth MuscleMouth Weight   
56 Ron Richard Ronald Richard 111 2 fresh   
57 Carpe Deez Carpe Deez grats   
58 The Space Elevators The Space Elevators Tse090909pt4   
59 The Space Elevators The Space Elevators Tse072909pt6   
60 Til We're Blue Or Destroy Til We're Blue Or Destroy Punk Rock Decisions   
61 Invincible Dude Invincible Dude Mo Rutheford demo   
62 Invincible Dude Invincible Dude Tag Your It demo   
63 Invincible Dude Invincible Dude Neon Cop Car demo   
64 shane Sdeez sdawg is gay   
65 Rob DeBolt Max Power Darkside   
66 Rob DeBolt Max Power LetsDoIt   
67 The Space Elevators The Space Elevators Outbound Cruise   
68 Invincible Dude Invincible Dude Bear Eyes   
69 MikeWilson Invincible Dude Bear Eyes   
70 The Decline Of Western Civilization The Decline Of Western Civiliz... Proper Fucked   
71 The Decline Of Western Civilization The Decline Of Western Civiliz... The Inception   

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