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Calendar for "All Songs"

"All Songs" Daily Charts

"All Songs" daily charts between February 3 and February 9 2019

"All Songs"

    Artist Title    
1 The Nobodies The Nobodies Blue Eyes (If You'd Like It) +64   
2 Bardo Bardo You Like Me A Lot   
3 Laudanum Forest Laudanum Forest Scrooging Away   
4 The Rescues The Rescues Let Loose the Horses +47   
5 The Rescues The Rescues Follow Me Back Into The Sun -4   
6 I Fight Dragons I Fight Dragons With You +2   
7 Quiet Company Quiet Company It's Better To Spend Money   
8 Quiet Company Quiet Company A Nation Of Two   
9 Army of Sun Army of Sun Surprise, Surprise   
10 Language Room Language Room Don't Cover Your Eyes   
11 Jon Hecox Jon Hecox Through The Glass   
12 mjmentz Mike Mentzer Storm Of The Century   
13 The Autumn Film The Autumn Film This is Love   
14 The Day Life The Day Life Other Plans   
15 Will Knox Will Knox Footprints on the Moon   
16 ChordSlinger Chordslinger Triumph   
17 Nadia Kent Nadia Kent Apple Juice   
18 The Autumn Film The Autumn Film Roll Over Me   
19 Yael Meyer Yael Meyer Shed Their Fear   
20 Modern Science Modern Science Shake Your Money Maker   
21 The Hard To Get The Hard to Get Good At That   
22 Future Fires Future Fires Levels   
23 Azoora Azoora Love will find it's own way   
24 Jordan Reyne Jordan Reyne the Brave   
25 ChordSlinger Chordslinger n Lola Where   
26 Melody Romancito dabra's mix of Calling Sister ... Maybe I Should Stay   
27 The Nova Echo The Nova Echo Arrival   
28 amandacottreau Amanda Cottreau & Ryan Potter Hold On Tight (Demo)   
29 Rob Gibson Mister Fusty Make A Stand   
30 Julie Peel Julie Peel Living In A Movie -28   
31 Andy Bianculli Andy Bianculli Old Manhattan   
32 ChordSlinger Chordslinger n Lola Stop This War   
33 sharkara sharkara strut   
34 Ohio Avenue Ohio Avenue Show Me   
35 Helen Austin Helen Austin Perfect Girl   
36 Haunt Haunts So Much Left To Lose   
37 Hourglass Hourglass Fragments +20   
38 Laudanum Forest Laudanum Forest Astronomy   
39 Jordan Reyne Jordan Reyne Long Way to Climb   
40 SackJo22 Sackjo22 (Fourstones Remix) Power Bars   
41 Soundcircel Flanagan Soundcircel Waves Of Life   
42 Eric and the Magic Lamps Eric and the Magic Lamps Pegasus   
43 Darrel Cameron Darrel Cameron Epitaph   
44 Pop Jesters Pop Jesters Superman   
45 The Ladies of Sport The Ladies of Sport Slipslide   
46 Anthem of Silence Anthem of Silence Garden Stones   
47 Alex Gloworld Alex Gloworld Chuck Norris On Drugs (by Sumkid) Remix (Clean) -9   
48 Yael Meyer Yael Meyer Heartbeat   
49 Peter Doran Peter Doran eternity   
50 Loren Christopher Radis Loren Radis Lullaby   
51 Michelle Lynn Michelle Lynn Desert Flood   
52 The Autumn Film The Autumn Film Because We Are   
53 jeremiahchristiansen Jeremiah Christiansen away from here   
54 Ronnie Ronnie Tangled in Strings   
55 Peter Doran Peter Doran steeped in you   
56 Yael Meyer Yael Meyer Tea For Two   
57 La Forza La Forza Fountain Of Youth   
58 Russell Lovenstein Russell Lovenstein All I Ever Needed Was You   
59 Admiral Twin Admiral Twin I Confess   
60 Moving Rushmore Moving Rushmore It's No Small Thing   
61 Ivory Drive Ivory Drive Breath of the Victory March   
62 The Rescues The Rescues You're Not Listening   
63 J. Creepers J. Creepers Mon Water Men   
64 Marshall Stokes marshall stokes hey love   
65 Awake! Awake! Awake! Awake! All I Hold   
66 Quiet Company Quiet Company Golden   
67 Suzen JueL Suzen JueL Flowers Against my Dress   
68 Slowtrain Slowtrain Beautiful Soul -46   
69 Chris Greenwood Chris Greenwood Cat and Mouse   
70 Van Wampler Van Wampler This Place We're In   
71 Ohio Avenue Ohio Avenue The Cure   
72 Tom Sawyer 3blind Mice Run And Hide   
73 Radar Radar Radar Radar Dangle   
74 Polka Glocks Polka Glocks Polka Glocks - Candy Rockets   
75 Helen Austin Helen Austin Happy   
76 Jared Hallock Jared Hallock Ladyfish Mix1   
77 Jon Hecox Jon Hecox Always Keep Your Light On   
78 Brian Mazzaferri I Fight Dragons With You   
79 Josh Woodward Josh Woodward I'm Not Dreaming   
80 Helen Austin Helen Austin Stuck To You   
81 Helen Austin Helen Austin All The Letters   
82 The Grammar Club The Grammar Club Alternate Ending   
83 amandacottreau Amanda Cottreau & Ryan Potter County Fair -58   
84 Amy Kuney Amy Kuney Appreciate Your Hands   
85 Amy Kuney Amy Kuney Love Is Trippy   
86 Amy Kuney Amy Kuney Simple Things -60   
87 The Rescues The Rescues My Heart With You -84   
88 Meiko Meiko Reasons To Love You -29   

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