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"All Songs" Daily Charts

"All Songs" daily charts between December 30 and January 5 2019

"All Songs"

    Artist Title    
1 Acid42 Acid42 Sobig F Warning   
2 raining cloud raining cloud Doubt   
3 Ed Martin Ed Martin J'ai Peur de L'amour   
4 Polka Glocks Polka Glocks Polka Glocks & Three Ninjas - Glockness Monster   
5 Ed Martin Ed Martin War   
7 ToddSmith Block Star Boyz I'm from Dayton   
8 B-Type B-Type, Fanatical and Sourcepa... Lavender Town   
9 The Beat Dogs The Beat Dogs Falling Again   
10 sharkara sharkara split   
11 sharkara sharkara footprints   
12 B-Type B-Type w/ Illithid ufoisms   
13 Pocket Full of Rye Pocket Full of Rye What Just Happened   
14 nemtom..soop nemtom..soop andro   
15 Joanne Gabriel Joanne Gabriel The Adventures Of Gosig & Dr. J. Mouseman   
16 Graham Lindsey Graham Lindsey Shit On The Shovel   
17 Tim Wallis The Ranger Gonna Be   
18 Dad School Dad School Instrumental (Curl Up and Die)   
19 James Ricketts James Ricketts Lost in Love   
20 Grimmthurs Grimmthurs The Last Walk   
21 Dulcinea Detwah Dulcinea Detwah This Track Makes Me Wanna Sing Like A British RockStar   
22 Steve, The Amazing Steve, The Amazing Starving Artist   
23 L.I.O.N. L.I.O.N. Fucked Up   
24 I Am The Hand I Am The Hand The Sandwich   
25 Davy Hamburgers Davy Hamburgers We Threw Gasoline On The Fire (orig By Nofx)   
26 James Ricketts James Ricketts Lark in the Morning Sky   
27 Tim Wallis The Ranger Herald   
28 raining cloud raining cloud Carrizozo   
29 Top Hoodlum Ent M Trillion Mtrillion-stuntin Fresh (clean)   
30 The Pseudos The Pseudos Back to the Factory   
31 Kevin Bryce k78 Now I will destroy the whole world   
32 Spade Deala Spade Deala Mr Getitin-d B E   
33 sunslide sunslide door built by jeff three years on   
34 Mount Fabric Mount Fabric The Lightning Fork (Radio Version)   
35 YanVar YanVar 09 Sector C3   
36 The Pseudos The Pseudos Savage Lovecast   
37 Heinali Heinali Feathers   
38 Ravine&Bunt Ravine & Bunt Co-Pilot   
39 Sho's Music Sho's Music Track 2   
40 orz dark river brokehill (theta vs the sky cult remix)   
41 Chinese Man Rec Chinese Man Batteries Not Included Feat Plex & Lush One   
42 Mozzaratti Mozzaratti Porky's Porkies   
43 Que Lastima Que Lastima Got It Wrong   
44 Mount Fabric Mount Fabric Fault (Radio Version)   
45 mark ashley D. M. Ashley Dma20120303b   
46 Monk Orie Elliott Eye of God Part 2   
47 The Venopian Solitude The Venopian Solitude Kehadapan Para Pencemar   
48 Voodoo Emissions Voodoo Emissions Everyrestlessnight   
49 Chinese Man Rec SLY 7th Street   
50 Continental Drift Continental Drift Memory Of A Dried River (3.0)   
51 mark ashley D. M. Ashley Dma20120923   
52 A Heart Of Black And White A Heart Of Black And White Darker   
53 dep dep Panick   
54 The Venopian Solitude The Venopian Solitude Mother Nature & Father Man-Made   
55 Mr. & Mrs. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Smith What's your name?   
56 dep dep Bring on Brightness   
57 the matthew show the matthew show When the Night Comes   
58 Heinali Heinali Her Paper Heart   
60 Continental Drift Continental Drift Four Trees In A Garbage Field   
61 VadaDj VadaDj Zov   
62 The Venopian Solitude The Venopian Solitude God Loves Me   
63 Continental Drift Continental Drift Soul Labyrinth   
64 Sky Flying By Sky Flying By Remembering Forgotten Toys   
65 nemtom..soop nemtom..soop funkstress   
66 dnilla woods Natureal My Love   
67 TheSoundGrove TheSoundGrove Olfulaltered   
68 Ken Gordon Ken Gordon Federal Reserve   
69 Cameron Steele Cameron Steele I Am the Drain   
70 stephanie nilles Stephanie Nilles Caution Tape   
71 nemtom..soop nemtom..soop elevator manouche   
72 The Venopian Solitude The Venopian Solitude (Cover)Partons Vite - Kaolin   
73 Pocket Full of Rye Pocket Full of Rye Saturday Night (Live)   
74 preme20 Shotgun Bukk Take It To The Streetz   
75 I Am The Mighty Jungulator I Am The Mighty Jungulator Beautifully Adapted For Killing   
76 stephanie nilles Stephanie Nilles My Favorite Things   
77 Ken Gordon Ken Gordon One Night Stand   
78 softspace Softspace In the Flow -20   
79 Livinthedream247 The Hii Hatts The Hammer   
80 Sefiros Sefiros Shadow (Of A Doubt)   
81 I Am The Mighty Jungulator I Am The Mighty Jungulator Neu World Error   
82 All Hail All Hail The Sermon   
83 raining cloud raining cloud There's A Cloud In The Street   
84 Max Vernon Max Vernon Silent Sirens   
85 All Hail All Hail Cassandra   
86 Sefiros Sefiros House Of Leaves   
87 Amy K Amy K The Light -20   
88 Benjiboy Records Breez They Dont Like Me   
89 Christopher Postill Christopher Postill Illu Illu   
90 Chip Means Greyshield A Regret   
91 Unknown Mizery Unknown Mizery Pump Your Fist   
92 Starfirefive starfirefive Coming Back To Life (Deconstruction Mix) Feat. Lisa Fletcher -21   
93 Christopher Postill Christopher Postill Walking On The Laneway   
94 Benjiboy Records Breez Mr Perfect   
95 Stephanie Hatfield and Hot Mess Stephanie Hatfield And Hot Mes... Suffer   
96 Bradley Thomas Watkins Bradley Thomas Watkins If It Rains   
97 Starfirefive starfirefive Shatter -19   
98 stateshirt State Shirt I Hate California   
99 Christopher Postill Christopher Postill Drink To The Fire -92   
100 Clone Clone Blitz Slow   

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