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Calendar for "All Songs"

"All Songs" Weekly Charts

"All Songs"

    Artist Title    
1 Bardo Bardo You Like Me A Lot +5   
2 Andy Bianculli Andy Bianculli Old Manhattan +67   
3 The Rescues The Rescues Follow Me Back Into The Sun +1   
4 Pop Jesters Pop Jesters Superman   
5 The Rescues The Rescues My Heart With You   
6 The Rescues The Rescues Let Loose the Horses -5   
7 Jordan Prestrot Jordan Prestrot At Least, That Is Romanesque   
8 Morville Morville Out In The Cold   
9 Continental Drift Continental Drift Memory Of A Dried River (3.0)   
10 Bryan Maniotakis Bryan Maniotakis One Degree   
11 Everyday Prophets Everyday Prophets Come On   
12 Avital Raz Avital Raz #3972 +66   
13 Yael Meyer Yael Meyer Shed Their Fear   
14 Interest Relief Interest Relief Mexicandy   
15 Everyday Prophets Everyday Prophets Trouble   
16 I Fight Dragons I Fight Dragons Money   
17 Owl Dreams Owl Dreams & SHINOBU pomegranatebeats remixed   
18 Dad School Dad School Into the Sun   
19 badtouch badtouch Train Wreck (f/ The Deacon)   
20 Item Nine Item Nine Hell Beast   
21 The Rescues The Rescues You're Not Listening +4   
22 badtouch badtouch Contra (remix f/ Sum)   
23 Ekho Ekho Nocturne   
24 emorej emorej The Limit   
25 Michelle Lynn Michelle Lynn Desert Flood   
26 John Praw John Praw This Was A Crystal Glass (Part 1)   
27 Taken by Cars Taken By Cars A Weeknight Memoir (In High Definition)   
28 jeremiahchristiansen Jeremiah Christiansen away from here   
29 EMCravens Em Cravens Band Monsters Aren't Real   
30 The Merchants of Bliss The Merchants of Bliss Another unfinished song...   
31 Finelle Finelle Butterwick   
32 Diana Pops Diana Pops The End Begins   
33 Before Blue Before Blue Dogbite   
34 Marshall Stokes marshall stokes hey love   
35 Finelle Finelle FeminineWays   
36 developer developer Week 14, Call It A Day   
37 Cameron Steele Cameron Steele Mismeditation   
38 Before Blue Before Blue Start   
39 Christian Mossuto Mossuto Humble Rain   
40 Laudanum Forest Laudanum Forest The Asylum   
41 sunslide sunslide vilette   
42 Laudanum Forest Laudanum Forest Scrooging Away +3   
43 Josh Woodward Josh Woodward Border Blaster   
44 Russell Lovenstein Russell Lovenstein All I Ever Needed Was You   
45 Eli Dvorchik Eli Dvorchik going away   
46 selja sini Selja Sini Scoop Me Up   
47 Wolfframe Wolfframe Ghost of the Real World   
48 Radar Radar Radar Radar Dangle   
49 Helen Austin Helen Austin All The Letters -20   
50 Nicholas Tanski Nicholas Tanski Caramel   
51 Andy Bianculli Andy Bianculli Numbers   
52 addnone addnone Slider   
53 David Van Amburg David Van Amburg Rock On, Space Monkey   
54 Owl Dreams DANIELLE & SHINOBU 03alien angels   
55 idioveum Idioveum Autumnus   
56 Jordan Reyne Jordan Reyne the Brave -1   
57 Jordan Prestrot Jordan Prestrot Un refroidissement climatique   
58 two seconds away two seconds away Worth the While   
59 Monk Orie Elliott Latitude   
60 Jordan Prestrot Jordan Prestrot On en traversera d'autres   
61 two seconds away two seconds away Photographs   
62 redlionmanagement Young Ru Intro/ Trapnom   
63 the nematoads the nematoads Capoburro   
64 The Downstairs Room The Downstairs Room Strings   
65 Azoora Azoora Life of Fantastic   
66 Hillaby Hillaby Sweat (r57)   
67 Bang Bangs Bang Bangs In Arms   
68 Cameron Steele Cameron Steele Dark World Dungeon   
69 Joanne Gabriel Joanne Gabriel The Other Side   
70 Candle Candle Pieces Of Three   
71 Candle Candle Nihilistic Sleepwalk   
72 jirmz Jirmz Renaissance Dream   
73 Candle Candle DĂ©nouement   
74 Swimmingpool The Band Swimmingpool The Band Faoi RĂșn   
75 Jacob Hoff Jacob Hoff Pyrexia 1 - You Have Died Of Dysentery   
76 Swimmingpool The Band Swimmingpool The Band Used To Be   
77 Jordan Prestrot Jordan Prestrot The Parking Lot Was Deserted; The Supermarket Was Closed   
78 BEARBOT BEARBOT White Dwarf   
79 Heinali Heinali Seagull   
80 Bryan Maniotakis Bryan Maniotakis Turning a page   
81 nanci hobson Nanci Hobson Diamond Jack   
82 brokenkites Brokenkites Procession   
83 Deflatables Deflatables Silicone_Radio_Edit   
84 mjmentz Mike Mentzer Storm Of The Century -2   
85 Monk Monk Ayerplane Over the Beat   
86 The Wandering Sort The Wandering Sort BACKBONE   
87 Greyshield Greyshield William III   
88 SackJo22 Snowflake (remixing SackJo22) White Light Cube (explodes) (ft. SackJo22, Gurdonark)   
89 5th PROJEKT 5th PROJEKT Aria   
90 Otis Crook Otis o0o9 keyboard big drum   
91 Mozzaratti Mozzaratti Enter The Snake   
92 Laudanum Forest Laudanum Forest Female   
93 the nematoads the nematoads Jet Jaguar   
94 Candle Candle The Bells Of Anglesey   
95 JamieKent Jamie Kent Ama San -11   
96 The Beat Dogs The Beat Dogs Falling Again   
97 Mark Griffo Music Mark Griffo Music Volare   
98 Robert Ransom The Gonzo Circus Paranormal Chicken   
99 Shane Hines Shane Hines Leave It All Behind   
100 the nematoads the nematoads Dos Diablos   

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