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"All Songs" Weekly Charts

"All Songs"

    Artist Title    
1 Bang Bangs Bang Bangs In Arms   
2 Joanne Gabriel Joanne Gabriel Interstellar Travel   
3 Monk Monk Ayerplane Over the Beat   
4 Lexi Scherr Lexi Scherr Strangers   
5 Fiona MacGinty Fiona MacGinty Not Expected   
6 Nicholas Tanski Nicholas Tanski Venice   
7 John Praw John Praw Soft Silence   
8 Jordan Reyne Jordan Reyne the Freeing of Baghdad   
9 The Sexy Accident The Sexy Accident Now That She's Gone   
10 Ryan Octoba Ryan Octoba Cookin' Up Classics   
11 Stephen Cluff Stephen Cluff Texas Boy, Cherokee Girl   
12 Aaron Aaron Eklove Test 03   
13 Ryan Octoba Ryan Octoba Guns As Their Initials   
14 ray time music Vocol Addiction   
15 Joanne Gabriel Joanne Gabriel The Keys   
16 rEplIcAtOrs rePLicAtOrS Modern adapter lover   
17 The Sonnets The Sonnets Fade to Black   
18 rEplIcAtOrs rEplIcAtOrs Auto Machinen Answerr   
19 Aaron Aaron Eklove Test-Rock Song   
20 pete travers pete travers Clear Light   
21 Heinali Heinali Seagull   
22 ONE LAST SYMBOL One Last Symbol Loaded Tongues   
23 Nelson Cunningham Young Chizz Swagger On A Million (Clean)   
24 Aaron Aaron Eklove Track 3   
25 Ambavert Ambavert Throw the city   
26 ONE LAST SYMBOL One Last Symbol Seemingly Broken   
27 Mozzaratti Mozzaratti Kuusou Rumba Remix   
28 Ambavert Ambavert by car   
29 René Scholz Basetronic Paradox   
30 Sintellect Sintellect We're All Damaged (Fractured Mindscape)   
31 Photovoltaik Photovoltaik Kevlar   
32 roughcopies roughcopies moment   
33 Sintellect Sintellect Passage Iii   
34 Kalabi Kalabi Diaphanous   
35 Sintellect Sintellect The Walls Don't Look Like They Used To   
36 Bing Satellites Bing Satellites Slow Jam with flute and water   
37 Sintellect Sintellect Ocean Temporal   
38 Bang Bangs Bang Bangs Under The Gun   
39 Stephen Cluff Stephen Cluff Sad American Eyes   
40 The Sunday Morning The Sunday Morning World Cup Official Song Song   
41 The Sunday Morning The Sunday Morning Eyjafjallajökull the Song   
42 Interest Relief Interest Relief The Double Cure   
43 Jordan Prestrot Jordan Prestrot The Parking Lot Was Deserted; The Supermarket Was Closed   
44 ray time music Vocol You A Playa   
45 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky Lune Noir   
46 rEplIcAtOrs rEplIcAtOrs Radiophonical Masteriser   
47 Before Blue Before Blue What am I gonna do?   
48 Jason Silver Jason Silver Midnight My Love   
49 Sky Flying By Sky Flying By Drifting Further Out   
50 the nematoads the nematoads Capoburro   
51 AM AM Self Preservation   
52 Cat Walshak C DUB Plums   
53 René Scholz Basetronic Perfect Harmony   
54 Jordan Prestrot Jordan Prestrot Suite n°2 : I. Convincing Oneself That Everything Is Alright   
55 Graystar Graystar Secret Life   
56 Capo Productions Capo Productions Sapphire   
57 Avontae Smith Prospect Tae Gunnz and Murda M... DopeBoy Season   
58 Tom Sawyer Dorcia Octave   
59 Concerning Lions Concerning Lions Rolling Storm, Titan Sigh +20   
60 Jared Hallock Jared Hallock Spring   
61 Anne Tique Anne Tique Shipwrecked   
62 Dark Mean Dark Mean Frankencottage   
63 Joanne Gabriel Joanne Gabriel Solar System   
64 RECKLESS Reckle$$ Feat Cammie & Finsta Be About It -39   
65 Mario Strack Mario Strack The Morph   
66 ONE LAST SYMBOL One Last Symbol Claim The Fall   
67 The Sonnets The Sonnets Idle-Wise   
68 The Prospect Before Us The Prospect Before Us Mary Lou Lee -3   
69 September 29th September 29th Carsick   
70 Paper Sailboat Paper Sailboat Blackout Cities   
71 Switch to Crush Switch to Crush Slow Pulse   
72 Mr. & Mrs. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Smith pg.38 -3   
73 See Sensei Bleed See Sensei Bleed How Do You Exist   
74 The Womb The Womb The Flood   
75 The Sonnets The Sonnets Gemini   
76 Shintia Shintia Bungo   
77 Simone Star Simone Star Penelope's Showing deleted
78 Jordan Prestrot Jordan Prestrot The Silence Almost Here, in Triumph   
79 Vincent Minor Vincent Minor Friday The Thirteenth   
80 Paaliaq Paaliaq Bring You In -70   
81 Michael Martin Michael Martin If We Had   
82 Simone Star Simone Star She's A Drag deleted
83 Jordan Prestrot Jordan Prestrot Under the Network Coverage   
84 Paaliaq Paaliaq Ascension -71   
85 Opposed 1 Opposed 1 06 Heartbeat - Opposed 1   
86 Hollis Smith Hollis Smith Dear Spontaneous Anonymous   
87 Michael Martin Michael Martin So Little   
88 Mario Mora Mario Mora Airplane   
89 Simone Star Simone Star Simone - Built To Last -(09) -... deleted
90 Davy Hamburgers Davy Hamburgers Hurricane Blues   
91 Daemondroid Daemondroid feat. Amb@vert The Strange Incident In Bangkok   
92 Paaliaq Paaliaq A Crowded Meteor -10   
93 POulbO POulbO Northern Lights From Teratapolis   
94 Twin Ponies Celebration Guns + Twin Ponies... Exuviae   
95 Photovoltaik Photovoltaik Departed Hours -80   
96 Rem Steel Rem Steel 05 - Running On Empty   
97 Jesse Spillane Jesse Spillane No Disclaimer   
98 Gremlin Gremlin Nuclear Sunset   
99 The Upstairs Room The Upstairs Room Your Suitcase Is Missing   
100 realitim KraftiM 2b2 adagio   

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