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Calendar for "All Songs"

"All Songs" Weekly Charts

"All Songs"

    Artist Title    
1 Lee Rogers Lee Rogers Breathe   
2 Ronald Jenkees Ronald Jenkees Stay Crunchy   
3 Tetrastar Tetrastar Mega Tsunami +1 deleted
4 Tetrastar Tetrastar Such Great Heights (Cover) -1 deleted
5 The Autumn Film The Autumn Film Roll Over Me -4   
6 The Autumn Film The Autumn Film Always The Same -1   
7 Tetrastar Tetrastar You +1 deleted
8 Klopfenpop I Fight Dragons Money feat. Klopfenpop +33   
9 amandacottreau amandacottreau Couldn't Wait (unmastered) +6   
10 Valerna Valerna My Moonrocket +64   
11 Sew Intricate Sew Intricate Button Nose   
12 Hollywood Drunks Hollywood Drunks You're Right   
13 Tetrastar Tetrastar Life On Jupiter deleted
14 Meiko Meiko Under My Bed +19   
15 dwavehed dwavehed proof of the prophet   
16 Eat The Weeds Eat The Weeds In My Fading Memory +59   
17 Heinali Heinali Frustrated deleted
18 Eat The Weeds Eat The Weeds Lay Me Down   
19 Ronald Jenkees Ronald Jenkees Fifteen Fifty +70   
20 Eat The Weeds Eat The Weeds Open Loop Design   
21 Owlright Owlright PREGDOOT   
22 Gil Yslas and Coll Andrews Gil Yslas and Coll Andrews The Legend Of Majick +25   
23 Broke For Free Broke For Free Covered In Oil   
24 Fabrizio Paterlini Fabrizio Paterlini Colori   
25 Clone Clone Rabies Baby   
26 The Sunshine Factory The Sunshine Factory Twisted And Clover (single version) +23   
27 The Autumn Film The Autumn Film Mended -13   
28 The Nova Echo The Nova Echo Harps (new mix) +20   
29 Nicholas Tanski Nicholas Tanski You'll Always Have Memories -23   
30 Tim Allen Tim Allen It Was Good deleted
31 Gabriel Gabriel Funky   
32 Heinali Heinali Dorian Bells deleted
33 Tetrastar Tetrastar Crank That Soulja Boy (Cover) -5 deleted
34 Owlright Owlright FroCo BaCo (feat. Greg Karnes)   
35 Shael Riley and the Double Ice Backfire Shael Riley & The Double Ice B... (The Legend of) Area Dolls Guy (a Mix to the Past) -19   
36 Poolside Poolside I Love You   
37 Van Wampler Van Wampler This Place We're In   
38 Green or Blue Green or Blue Not Today deleted
39 Caro Emerald Caro Emerald A Night Like This +20   
40 coury palermo Coury Palermo Here Comes the Rain Again (album version)   
41 Wolfframe Wolfframe Create the better chemistry   
42 dwavehed dwavehed remedy   
43 Stephen Clarke Stephen Clarke Rough Music +28 deleted
44 The Rescues The Rescues Follow Me Back Into The Sun -37   
45 I Fight Dragons I Fight Dragons The Faster The Treadmill... -33   
46 Tetrastar Tetrastar Float On (Cover) -36 deleted
47 POulbO POulbO Under The Big Big Head   
48 rEplIcAtOrs rEplIcAtOrs Klanguitar Frettage   
49 Caro Emerald Caro Emerald Back It Up -40   
50 Hollywood Drunks Hollywood Drunks Swell   
51 Nicholas Tanski Nicholas Tanski The Beauty Of Unity -11   
52 Sew Intricate Sew Intricate Sixteen   
53 Yael Meyer Yael Meyer Tea For Two   
54 Mu Mu Byzantium   
55 CATALYST CATALYST Star Wars Cantina Theme (CATALYST Remix)   
56 Miles Ramsay Miles Ramsay Science Falsely So Called -33   
57 sharkara sharkara split   
58 Avital Raz Avital Raz Beautiful -(Kali's garland) deleted
59 Caro Emerald Caro Emerald That Man   
60 The Autumn Film The Autumn Film Because We Are -31   
61 Cara J Laing Cara J Laing Night Creatures -30 deleted
62 POulbO POulbO After Teeth   
63 JmAY JmAY Hip Hop Concerto No. 1   
64 Nicholas Tanski Nicholas Tanski Old Friends +6   
65 Names Names La da da deleted
66 The Autumn Film The Autumn Film Don't Say That -53   
67 Poppyfield Poppyfield Stringogo deleted
68 sharkara sharkara strut   
69 POulbO POulbO Dionysies   
70 Mozzaratti Mozzaratti bitThunder   
71 Dave Drebes Players Dave Drebes Players Waiting   
72 Nicholas Tanski Nicholas Tanski The Slowly Rising Sun +7   
73 Lindy - Jazz & More Lindy - Jazz & More Lying Eyes   
74 Sew Intricate Sew Intricate Smiles For Sunrise   
75 Plezhurhouse Patty Gayden Tunnel of love1final_mixdown2   
76 Nicholas Tanski Nicholas Tanski Will I? (RENT cover) -38   
77 rEplIcAtOrs rEplIcAtOrs Herrother   
78 POulbO POulbO Famous Wood +5   
79 Nicholas Tanski Nicholas Tanski Venice -58   
80 Wolfframe Wolfframe Halfface   
81 The Rescues The Rescues Teenage Dream   
82 Tetrastar Tetrastar Through The Fire And The Flame... -64 deleted
83 A Play On Words A Play On Words Here's Your Song   
84 Ugress Ugress It Was A Great Year (Movies With Robots)   
85 Plezhurhouse Plezhurhouse Tunnel of love1final_mixdown2 deleted
86 Ugress Ugress Rainy Transylvanian Day   
87 Electro Freaks Present Belmont This Is Life Not Heaven   
88 A Heart Of Black And White A Heart Of Black And White Electronic Taco   
89 Electro Freaks Present Valerna Keep Up (feat. Countre Black)   
90 Andy Bianculli Andy Bianculli Numbers -12   
91 Burro Music Burro Music Harps (old) deleted
92 rEplIcAtOrs rEplIcAtOrs Biscuit Barrel   
93 POulbO POulbO 12 Pollution   
94 Plezhurhouse Patty Gayden Ssdd-plezhurhouse Final   
95 A Heart Of Black And White A Heart Of Black And White Dreaming Of Sleeping   
96 Miles Ramsay Miles Ramsay The Great Divide -27   
97 Tetrastar Tetrastar Numa Numa (Dragostea Din Tei C... -24 deleted
98 Youngblood Youngblood Guns N' Gold   
99 dwavehed dwavehed not ok   
100 Ugress Ugress Spider Eyes (Spider-Man Theme)   

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