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Daily Charts between December 23 and December 29 2018

"All Songs"

    Artist Title    
1 Ken Mahru Ken Mahru Stolen Diary   
2 brokenkites Brokenkites Back To Zero   
3 brokenkites Brokenkites I Know How This Ends   
4 RECKLESS Reckle$$ Too Damn Good.   
5 ONE LAST SYMBOL One Last Symbol Claim The Fall   
6 ONE LAST SYMBOL One Last Symbol Loaded Tongues   
7 ONE LAST SYMBOL One Last Symbol Seemingly Broken   
8 brokenkites brokenkites Ghosts   
9 brokenkites brokenkites Phantoms   
10 brokenkites Brokenkites Sick   
11 Finn Riggins Finn Riggins Plural   
12 Nicholas Tanski Nicholas Tanski Athletic BGM (Super Mario World Cover)   
13 Ivory Drive Ivory Drive Intertwined   
14 Coll Andrews Coll Andrews Alcheringa Songlines   
15 Coll Andrews Coll Andrews Atman Ragas   
16 softspace softspace Slow Rotations   
17 softspace softspace Parisian Reminisences   
18 Lexi Scherr Lexi Scherr Strangers   
19 Ambavert Ambavert Throw the city   
20 Ambavert Ambavert by car   
21 James Ricketts James Ricketts Lark in the Morning Sky   
22 Top Hoodlum Ent M Trillion Mtrillion-stuntin Fresh (clean)   
23 Ravine&Bunt Ravine & Bunt Co-Pilot   
24 Mozzaratti Mozzaratti Porky's Porkies   
25 A Heart Of Black And White A Heart Of Black And White Darker   
26 the matthew show the matthew show When the Night Comes   
27 raining cloud raining cloud Doubt   
28 Jared Hallock Project213 Robots in the Ring   
29 Jared Hallock Project213 Knock On Wood   
30 Jared Hallock Project213 Soft Bottles   
31 Finelle Finelle Back in Berlin   
32 Paaliaq Paaliaq Strange Fable   
33 Paaliaq Paaliaq Vola   
34 Paaliaq Paaliaq From Where We're From   
35 coldreavers coldreavers L'ombre De La Foi   
36 coldreavers coldreavers Crying China   
37 coldreavers coldreavers Illusion?   
38 The Chris Romano Frequency the chris romano frequency Little miss anonymous   
39 ricksparks Rick Sparks A Darker Moment   
40 Mr. & Mrs. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Smith Identity   
41 Shaula Kitan Walko Steel Foundation People   
42 Tom Ato Tom Ato Codex (Tom Ato Remix)   
43 Mr. & Mrs. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Smith Hold Dear   
44 Mr. & Mrs. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Smith Ay O lil Baby   
45 Fiona MacGinty Fiona MacGinty Not Expected   
46 Josiah Barlow Josiah Barlow Longing For You   
47 Coll Andrews Coll Andrews Spring The Cog   
48 Experimental Voice Box Programmer Experimental Voice Box Program... The X Of Art   
49 Experimental Voice Box Programmer Experimental Voice Box Program... Train (Like a Choo-Choo)   
50 Experimental Voice Box Programmer Experimental Voice Box Program... Chickenz   
51 Beefy Beefy One of These Nights   
52 Beefy Beefy None of Your Business   
53 Sintellect Sintellect Passage Iii   
54 Sintellect Sintellect We're All Damaged (Fractured Mindscape)   
55 Sintellect Sintellect Ocean Temporal   
56 Sintellect Sintellect When You Gonna Come Down?   
57 The Sexy Accident The Sexy Accident Now That She's Gone   
58 Stephen Cluff Stephen Cluff Texas Boy, Cherokee Girl   
59 Stephen Cluff Stephen Cluff Sad American Eyes   
60 The Sunday Morning The Sunday Morning World Cup Official Song Song   
61 The Sunday Morning The Sunday Morning Eyjafjallaj√∂kull the Song   
62 Slug A Slug A Almost   
63 Slug A Slug A Left Behind   
64 Slug A Slug A In Our Greatful Words   
65 Ryan Octoba Ryan Octoba Cookin' Up Classics   
66 Ryan Octoba Ryan Octoba Guns As Their Initials   
67 Aaron Aaron Eklove Test 03   
68 Aaron Aaron Eklove Test-Rock Song   
69 Aaron Aaron Eklove Track 3   
70 The Sonnets The Sonnets Idle-Wise   
71 The Sonnets The Sonnets Gemini   
72 The Sonnets The Sonnets Fade to Black   
73 Daemondroid Daemondroid feat. Amb@vert The Strange Incident In Bangkok   
74 Sky Flying By Sky Flying By Drifting Further Out   
75 Cat Walshak C DUB Plums   
76 Capo Productions Capo Productions Sapphire   
77 Screaming Egg Notion Screaming Egg Notion Mind Waffles   
78 Beefy Random Orbits Legends of Beer Pong 2.0 [f. Beefy]   
79 Beefy From The Dust Gasping For Air 2.0 [f. Beefy]   
80 Beefy Beefy 16 Beefy II (Take A Breath)   
81 Beefy Beefy About Damn Time   
82 fox2125 Phil Stokes Pair of Aces   
83 Tom Sawyer Dorcia Octave   
84 Anne Tique Anne Tique Shipwrecked   
85 ricksparks Rick Sparks A Quiet Storm   

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