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Daily Charts between March 25 and March 31 2012

"All Songs"

    Artist Title    
1 Craigmire Craigmire Flowin Through +4   
2 The Nobodies The Nobodies The Riddle of Your Tears   
3 Kevin Bryce k78 The Haze deleted
4 Owlright Owlright Nooft +29   
5 Owlright Owlright FroCo BaCo (feat. Greg Karnes) +33   
6 amandacottreau amandacottreau Couldn't Wait (unmastered)   
7 i am the architect I Am The Architect Walk in regret +54   
8 Lydia Ashton Lydia Ashton Leave Me (from the film Leave ... deleted
9 The Autumn Film The Autumn Film Roll Over Me +84   
10 The Walla Recovery The Walla Recovery The Spoils of Warring Hearts   
11 Escape Route 36 Escape Route 36 What You Did Wrong deleted
12 Shoops Music SHOOPS Do Me, Work It (Dear Isis "jerk it" Remix)   
13 Ugress Ugress AMZ 1974   
14 Ugress Ugress feat Ninja 9000 Les Mondes Engloutis   
15 Meiko Meiko Said And Done   
16 Meiko Meiko Reasons To Love You   
17 Oren Lavie Oren Lavie Ruby Rises   
18 Nebulae Nebulae with Chlorophyll The Key deleted
19 Bankai Bankai Navigator II (Reculer Pour Mieux Sauter)   
20 Janine, We Should Janine, We Should Like Shadows   
21 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky Mekanism   
22 Jeffrey E. Peñalva Acidmunky Backfight   
23 Baltimore House Studio Shinyribs Sorry You're Sick   
24 Dead Slow Dead Slow Yellow Sarong (The Scene is Now/Yo La Tengo cover) -18   
25 Ashelyn Summers Ashelyn Summers Sunday Morning   
26 Kendrick Lee Lil Boy Fresh We Ridin deleted
27 Shine Shine I Feel Love Again   
28 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent Unintentional Satisfaction   
29 Nicholas Tanski Nicholas Tanski Psyché Rock (Cover) deleted
30 TOKiYO TOKiYO Mobbin   
31 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent An Open Letter To Dogs   
32 Shine Shine Judas and Mary -12   
33 GAEA GAEA Gaea Soul Vibration   
34 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day! (Jan. 21)   
35 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent Squirrels Are Everywhere (and We're Watching You)   
36 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent Is That What You Think?   
37 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent Read A Book (TMBG Cover)   
38 Hanz Araki Hanz Araki Don't Call Again   
39 Superpowerless Superpowerless Stomp This City   
40 Lydia Ashton Lydia Ashton Leave Me (Credits) deleted
41 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent The Flood   
42 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent Tangible Symbol Systems   
43 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent Squeak   
44 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent Pet   
45 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent My Orange Friend   
46 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent Letters Of Frequency   
47 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent HuLLYWO D   
48 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent Congruent Triangles   
49 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent Brigantine   
50 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent A Cloud To Nowhere   
51 Kevin Bryce k78 Boy in a Field deleted
52 Actroid Dubstep Outlaw Kick It -31 deleted
53 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent Rhythm   
54 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent I Know You   
55 Deflatables Deflatables You Are OK (Album Version)   
56 Valeria Gallart Valeria Gallart No tengas miedo de amar   
57 Tlen Tlen Comprehension   
58 Adam Schreiber Jack & The Bear Back To Despair   
59 J. Condor J. Condor Born into Simulation -35   
60 TUSK Tusk Queen Bee deleted
61 TUSK Tusk Its in your blood deleted
62 Big Happy Cowboy Big Happy Cowboy Last Night I Died Again -37   
64 The Vineyard The Vineyard Cheap Motel Rooms   
65 Carrie Clark & the Lonesome Lovers Carrie Clark Bum Bah Dum   
66 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent Naval Mine   
67 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent Feline   
68 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent Paper Napkin Empire Fortune   
69 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent Every Time You Leave   
70 KeyboardRodent KeyboardRodent Around And Around   
71 Kevin Bryce k78 Asimovs burn deleted
72 Steve, The Amazing Steve, The Amazing Striped Tees and Cigarettes   
73 Steve, The Amazing Steve, The Amazing Starving Artist   
74 Kevin Bryce k78 Now I will destroy the whole world -48   
75 Kevin Bryce k78 on the trail of the Mountain K... -74 deleted
76 Heather Marie Heather Marie Honesty v. Insecurity   
77 Heinali Heinali Away deleted
78 Christian Mossuto Mossuto Mind Games   
79 Christian Mossuto Mossuto Feel Good Chop Practice   
80 Christian Mossuto Mossuto A Dumb Vocal Test   
81 ManOrMouse? ManOrMouse? Jackson   
82 Jordan Martyn Jordan Martyn Another Spin deleted
83 George Glass George Glass Tricks of the Tradeless   
84 George Glass George Glass Brute Us   
85 George Glass George Glass Welcome Home   
86 Heather Marie Heather Marie Scratch   
87 JUZHIN Juzhin The Advent   
88 Heather Marie Heather Marie Drips (rough draft)   
89 Christian Mossuto Mossuto For What its Worth   
90 Christian Mossuto Mossuto My Day   
91 Christian Mossuto Mossuto Without Question   
92 Christian Mossuto Mossuto Falling Together   
93 Kindergarten Slut Kindergarten Slut The King   
94 Electro Freaks Present Flexstyle Agua Fria   
95 Owlright Owlright Almseq deleted
96 Mozzaratti Mozzaratti Travelin' Brick   
97 The Maybenauts Maybenauts Here Today   
98 Devin Sidell Alchy Roll With It   
99 Nicholas Tanski Nicholas Tanski Abraham Lincoln's Head   
100 Heinali Heinali Fade   

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