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Calendar for "Acoustic"

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"Acoustic" Weekly Charts

"Acoustic" Monthly Charts


    Artist Title    
1 The Douglas Firs The Douglas Firs Further   
2 Colby Meade Colby Meade Desperate Followers   
3 Anthony Lapalomento Anthony Lapalomento Sing Again   
4 Reggie Miles Reggie Miles That Stuff You Got   
5 Reggie Miles Reggie Miles Handsful O' Blues   
6 Reggie Miles Reggie Miles Just Another Passerby   
7 Reggie Miles Reggie Miles It's The Slide Of Your Size   
8 Reggie Miles Reggie Miles Makin' Bacon   
9 Lee Rogers Lee Rogers Breathe +1   
10 Pocket Full of Rye Pocket Full of Rye Saturday Night (Live) -1   
11 Pharmies Pharmies Left For Dead - Acoustic   
12 lacrymosa Lacrymosa Oh My God I Am (Spider Fingers)   
13 Reggie Miles Reggie Miles Shelter From The Rain   
14 BrandonMicheal BrandonMicheal Ignore All Reports (revised)   
15 BrandonMicheal Brandon Micheal Ignore All Reports   
16 Reggie Miles Reggie Miles Another Lover   
17 Richard John Richard John Another Lazy Afternoon   
18 Pocket Full of Rye Pocket Full of Rye What Just Happened +3   
19 Heister Heister Fairfield -1   
20 Hourglass Hourglass Trails Of Despair -1   
21 Jon Hecox Jon Hecox Let's Find A New Way -1   
22 Experiment Rhode Soar Too Many Tears   
23 Experiment Rhode Soar Into Magic   
24 Pocket Full of Rye Pocket Full of Rye Back Alley Tango   
25 Trepanning Trio Trepanning Trio Lament (Don't Go Alone)   
26 Warren Buckler Warren Buckler Like that of the Coral   
27 I Am Not Lefthanded I Am Not Lefthanded Late Night Drive live acoustic   
28 Warren Buckler Warren Buckler Arlington Place +1   
29 Kit Nelson Kristi Nelson Amsterdam -1   
30 Greyshield Greyshield A Red Spring   
31 Andrea Davidson Music Andrea Davidson Retracing Steps   
32 Trepanning Trio Trepanning Trio The Inevitable Return   
33 nathan hare ♫ nathan hare The Traveler's Journal   
34 Suzen JueL Suzen JueL Down by the Water   
35 Peter Doran Peter Doran chess piece   
36 Mandy Rogers Mandy Rogers Right Round   
37 EMCravens Em Cravens Band Monsters Aren't Real +2   
38 Kit Nelson Kristi Nelson Me Angee and the Peppertree -1   
39 Kit Nelson Kristi Nelson Dream, Dream, Dream -1   
40 Before Blue Before Blue Don't Think Twice, It's alright   
41 The Walla Recovery The Walla Recovery Spread Your Wings   
42 The Walla Recovery The Walla Recovery The Spoils of Warring Hearts   
43 The Walla Recovery The Walla Recovery I Am the Only One   
44 The Walla Recovery The Walla Recovery How Firm a Foundation   
45 Suzen JueL Suzen JueL In The Grass +1   
46 Pickering Pick Pickering Pick I Once Was Gold +1   
47 Pickering Pick Pickering Pick The Unseen Hook +1   
48 Pickering Pick Pickering Pick Villeneuve's Oratory +1   
49 Shane Hines Shane Hines and the Trance What A Beautiful Day +1   
50 theothermarkmiller Theothermarkmiller Called to Love +1   
51 Ashelyn Summers Ashelyn Summers Sunday Morning (Acoustic) +1   
52 Suzen JueL Suzen JueL Rooftop +1   
53 The Nobodies The Nobodies The Riddle of Your Tears +1   
54 Janine, We Should Janine, We Should Without a Stir +1   
55 Christian Mossuto Mossuto Blank Chords +1   
56 mario matteoli mario matteoli united nations -11   
57 Meiko Meiko Said And Done   
58 Meiko Meiko Reasons To Love You   
59 Meiko Meiko How Lucky We Are +1   
60 Frets Nirvana Frets Nirvana Pipeline Analog Mix 2 +1   
61 Oren Lavie Oren Lavie The Opposite Side of the Sea +1   
62 James Ritchie James Ritchie Laying On This Floor -3   
63 Oren Lavie Oren Lavie Ruby Rises +1   
64 Oren Lavie Oren Lavie Her Morning Elegance +1   
65 two seconds away two seconds away Fast Car (Tracy Chapman cover) +2   
66 Janine, We Should Janine, We Should Like Shadows +2   
67 Baltimore House Studio Leo Rondeau Right In The Middle +2   
68 Baltimore House Studio Leo Rondeau Little Love Diddy +2   
69 Baltimore House Studio Seth Sherman God Wrote This Song +2   
70 Baltimore House Studio Seth Sherman The Kids Are The Same -7   
71 Baltimore House Studio Seth Sherman Soft and Sweet -5   
72 Seth Sherman Seth Sherman Kids   
73 Seth Sherman Seth Sherman Soft and Sweet   
74 Seth Sherman Seth Sherman God Go   
75 Baltimore House Studio Shinyribs John the Revelator   
76 Baltimore House Studio Shinyribs Feeling On Your Booty   
77 Baltimore House Studio Shinyribs We In The Same Boat, Brother   
78 Baltimore House Studio Shinyribs Sorry You're Sick   
79 Baltimore House Studio Shinyribs Sweet Potato   
80 Baltimore House Studio Shinyribs The Devil's Song   
81 Baltimore House Studio Mark Creaney Wide As A Yawn   
82 jeremiahchristiansen Jeremiah Christiansen away from here +8   
83 Baltimore House Studio Mark Creaney Nobody's Up Drinkin' (But Us) -1   
84 Baltimore House Studio Mark Creaney 5th of July -1   
85 Michelle Lynn Michelle Lynn The Night Shift -1   
86 Michelle Lynn Michelle Lynn Hijacked Light -1   
87 Michelle Lynn Michelle Lynn Don't Buy Me Money -1   
88 Michelle Lynn Michelle Lynn Ouroboros -1   
89 Michelle Lynn Michelle Lynn Second Generation Bum   
90 Marshall Stokes marshall stokes i can't see -2   
91 Slowtrain Slowtrain Beautiful Soul +1   
92 Marshall Stokes marshall stokes sitting talking -1   
93 Mark Gibson Mark Gibson Firework Shows   
94 Quiet Company Quiet Company Red And Gold   
95 Jared Hallock Jared Hallock ThisSideofThat Mix1   
96 Jared Hallock Jared Hallock Ladyfish Mix1   
97 Marshall Stokes marshall stokes hey love   
98 tom vandenavond Tom Vandenavond Where That Sinkin Sun Done Gone(rufmix)   
99 Going to Austin Going To Austin Take You Anywhere   
100 Marshall Stokes Marshall Stokes Upcoming Blues   

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