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  • Founded: September 2006
  • Location: Manila, Philippines
  • Label: under standing sound recordings


  • Erick A. Fabian Sr.

"CERUMENTRIC's premise is simple. Play rock ' roll, and replace the traditional instruments with synths, keyboards, toy pianos and probably Sonic running around grabbing gold rings. And oh, play all the instruments yourself. In the hands of less talented musicians and composers, this would have gone down like a piece of brick in the ocean, but with Erick Fabian, it works wonderfully."
-Jay M. Johar, music blogger currently based in the UK


"CERUMENTRIC’s new EP is as sunny as the dried orange juice on your fingers, sweet as crushed fruit. And that title, Reality Rock, it’s a curious gambit since this is collection isn’t exactly rock (at least not if you have an exclusive relationship with dad’s guitar-rock) nor is it concrete. What we get is a wispy yet propulsive slap of electronic music straight out of someone’s deepest electric dreams."
-Iñigo de Paula


"...predominantly made up of unconventional pop sounds, the rich and colorful arrangements are ear-grabbing. The songs are mainly sung in a manner that deviates from the soft romantic singing or impersonal robot-like voice reminiscent of synthpop, heard in a way that is wave-like and emotional. The singing has an unsteady characteristic, I think, but the music has huge melodies! This kind of pop music can become popular." (translated from orig. Japanese text)
-BUG, a Japanese music blogger who runs Urban Guitar Sayonara, a free music blog.



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  • cerumentric mini cerumentric mini
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