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ReportCatman CohenCatman Cohen

  • Founded: January 2003
  • Location: N/A, Canada
  • Label: unsigned/indie


  • KeevayMusic

Catman Cohen is the mysterious, controversial creator of the music trilogy, "The Catman Chronicles," a collection of songs that have themes related to life, death, and dreams. Described as Post-Decadence Rock, Cohen's songs spring from a foundation of social activism, primarily in calling for a resurrection of neglected heroes (e.g., nurses, paramedics, teachers, firemen, universal peace-keepers, environmentalists, human rights activists, animal rights activists, etc.); a plea for assistance to those without adequate food or health care; and a cry for urgent remedial efforts to preclude an imminent fresh water crisis.

In October, 2011, Catman Cohen provided a limited release of his 4th CD....Confessions of a Shadow....featuring the intro song, ZERO. Wide release is expected in Summer, 2012.

Very little is known about Catman Cohen. To date, his only publicity consists of shadow photos and his official bio excludes data such as birthdate, birthplace, and other personal details. He believes artists MUST step into the background in order that society can shift its spotlight onto various key vocations (especially nursing) that are in crisis. He turns down interviews, instead requesting that a list of social activist friends be considered in his place, stating that they have more urgent things to say about the world than anything he might offer.

Cohen's extremely deep, bullfrog singing voice has drawn comparisons to various artists, particularly Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, and Barry White. It is that strange unusual singing voice that forms the fulcrum within his CD's, featuring guest performances by she-males, Goths, and other atypical entertainers.


Music and Lyrics by Catman Cohen
Produced and Arranged by Henry Iglesias (Catman Chronicles 1 & 2)
Produced and Arranged by James Lum (Catman Chronicle 3)
Produced and Arranged by James Lum & Bruce Wangsanutr (Confessions of a Shadow)



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  • How I Want to Dream:  the Catman Chronicles 3 How I Want to Dream:...
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