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ReportCarmella InchierchieraCarmella Inchierchiera

  • Location: Tuckerton, New Jersey, United States of America
  • Label: indies

Carmella Inchierchiera (ASCAP) Member, has been writing songs for over 40 years, within the last six years she was finally able to get some of her songs out to the public. She is a songwriter/composer with a very original, unique style. She can write a heartfelt ballad and bring the listener to tears from the emotion in the song or can flip things upside down and bring down the house with a Honky Tonk up-beat country song with attitude. What makes her so unique as a songwriter? She have the uncanny ability to write about anything. Her sense of humor, never falls short, along with her serious side, her words paint pictures while you listen to her songs. Two things you can count on from Carmella is that when she writes a ballad or a song close to her heart you will feel the emotion in the song, if it's one of her upbeat Honky Tonk songs, you will be tapping your feet without even knowing you are doing it. She is consistent, original, fun, and serious all at the same time. Carmella has released 21 songs since March of 2008, 18 of her songs have hit the Independent Music Networks Country and/or Mainstream Chart.. 14 made it into the top ten. Carmella received the Female Songwriter of the Year Award from CMG Radio International in April 2013 + 2014, Carmella also took home The Songwriting Team of the Year Award with Nelson Blanchard. Carmella received both awards in Lebanon Tenn at The Teddy Bear Festival Host by The CMG Radio Network to raise money for The Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. Carmella has also been Nominated for Songwriter of the Year by The Independent Country Music Association in 2014.

Carmella has been featured im 7 News-paper articles.
Carmella, who's Daughter is a Sept 11th survivor, wrote a song titled "Fallen Heroes 9-11" with Nelson Blanchard who also Produced + Performed the Vocals, it plays every year on Major Radio Stations as well as Internet Stations and has won numerous Awards including being nominated for 'Song of the Year" by The Independent Country Music Association in April of 2012..

In 2010 together with Nelson and help from Scott Innes (voice of Scooby Doo fame) and CMA award winner they released "Where Is Our Sea, Blue Shining Sea?" a song about the Gulf Coast Oil Spill, Scott was Gracious enough to perform the intro to the song, her song titled "Just Imagine The Storm:" was inspired by her son Genaro who rescued 12 people in Super Storm Sandy. ( Homeless, Hungry, Crying (in the rain) was donated to There Is Hope Records founded by the Band Linklin Park and released on their Charity Cd titled Musicians For Oil Relief, it was also released on Songs Of Hope a Charity CD to help Children with Disabilities and abused and neglected children. Carmella has Donated songs she wrote to, The Veteran's Memorial Foundation to help Homeless Veterans and Disaster Relief U.S.A another Charity released CD by There is Hope Records to help Storm Victims. (Homeless, Hungry, Crying in the rain ) made Twitters Cast T.V's video of the week first week out . Carmella has won 3 Suggested Artist Awards an Honorable Mention Award from Song of The Year, a Song Of The Year Supporters of Vh1 Save The Music Suggested Artist Award, and a Song Of The Year Runner-Up Award for Homeless, Hungry, Crying in the Rain.

Carmella has numerous awards from all over the World for many of her songs, many have charted #1 in the USA and Internationally on various Radio Stations.

Carmella has also been featured on many of the music sites in which she is a member. One of Carmella's highlights of the year 2009 is when she attended the 51st Grammy Awards In LA with her music producer Nelson Blanchard .

Link: http://www.reverbnation.com/carmellainchierchiera


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