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  • Mar
    • 1 comment on song Crankcase
      • 12:04 - geronimodeleon: Mebbe the proprietors in " the old country" don't appreciate such exclaimations, but : )
  • Mar
    • 1 comment on song Vainglory
      • 14:16 - Burro Music: Again, I really appreciate the kind words MonstarMike. I'm hoping to get these tunes (and the entire EP) mastered in the near future so they can sound their best (if my wife signs off on it)- cheers.
  • Mar
    • 2 comments on song Bright Idea
      • 15:16 - Burro Music: Hello MonstarMike- I really appreciate you taking the time to write your encouraging comments & am glad you're digging the tune.
        By the way, I am about to complete a brand new tune for my EP and can get you all the information (and free music) if you wouldn't mind joining my mailing list here:


        You can of course opt out at any time and thanks for your consideration- best regards.
      • 7:54 - Monstar Mike: Found you T61 and was really digging your music. Glad to see you on uvumi!

        Bright Idea is an awesome track. I like the good chill aspect of the melody. The driving beat keeps your head in the music but isn't too persistent.

        Looking forward to hearing more from you.
    • 1 comment on song Vainglory
      • 10:13 - Monstar Mike: First song I heard by you. Great interstate song. Cruising along listening to this is always a highlight of the drive.
  • Feb

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  • Location: Denton, Texas, United States of America


   Hollow to Holy

Hollow to Holy cover art

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Record date: Dec 31st, 2010

A sad little EP soaked with synth, static & symphonic swagger.

Track list

  Track Title Artist Duration Added  
   1 Bright Idea Burro Music 05:20 2010-02-02  
   2 Harps Burro Music 06:29 2010-10-12  
   3 Vainglory Burro Music 05:44 2010-02-02  
   4 Crankcase Burro Music 06:50 2010-02-02  

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