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ReportBryan FontenotBryan Fontenot

  • Location: St. Charles, Louisiana, United States of America
  • Label: lariat records

Standing in the circle of the Grand Ole Opry or among friends, Bryan Fontenot, energizes an audience like no other. Country, Rock, Blues, or Western Swing, he brings his best every time he steps to the microphone. This ex bull-rider, loves entertaining the crowd!
To meet Bryan, off stage, you might not sense the gift of music, which lies in the heart and soul of this polite and unassuming cowboy, or the obstacles he has overcome in life. He underwent 13 hours of reconstructive surgery, after a bull took a dislike to him, lost his Mom during Hurricane Rita, a brother to tragic death, and just recently his Dad. No doubt the journey has tempered his music with blues and soulful authenticity that comes only with experience. Bryan's heart-felt vocals personify the body and soul of music and lyric. He's believable. Each song is like having a one-on- one conversation with a friend. I've known and performed with Bryan for 17 years now. Through the good and the bad times he's never lost his love for his craft. I've seen him perform for huge paychecks, and for tips. I never could tell the difference. He's focused on the music, all of the time. His blood type is B flat.

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