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T61 refugees

T61 refugees

"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to share music without linkedin fucking it all up"

for anyone who wants to join, friend request me (RJ) at uvumi.com/RJBuchanan

and spread the word to other sixtyoners: uvumi.com/t61

also, check out Proph's blog: My Life with Valerna

302 members - Founded Jan 25 2010 - Genres: anything good

Lost and Found

Lost and Found

A gathering spot for those who have found a new place to call home.

Invitations are required, but you *are* invited! Drop a note on the wall and we'll open the door for you.

258 members - Founded Jan 25 2010

Cheesy Taters

Cheesy Taters


If you're interested...drop a note on our wall. We might love to have you. Maybe. If you're cool.

Our mission is simple: discover and share music for the joy and solace it brings, and other such ghey nonsense.

20 members - Founded Jan 25 2010 - Genres: air guitar, armpit acapella, cowbell cowbell cowbell. oh and more cowbell., sycopated buffoonery, toe jamming, yodeling. what?

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