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  • Jan
    • 1 comment on song With You
      • 14:03 - Sally: happy ears!!!

        *hits favourite*

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  • Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

   Cool is just a number (EP)

Cool is just a number (EP) cover art

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Record date: Unknown

Track list

  Track Title Artist Duration Added  
   1 Power Up (Intro) I Fight Dragons 00:14 2010-01-29  
   2 The Faster The Treadmill... I Fight Dragons 03:46 2010-01-29  
   3 Money I Fight Dragons 03:20 2010-01-29  
   4 Heads Up, Hearts Down I Fight Dragons 03:19 2010-01-29  
   5 No One Likes Superman Anymore I Fight Dragons 03:44 2010-01-29  
   6 With You I Fight Dragons 03:49 2010-01-29  

Comments (1)Comments (1)

  • Serin's picture
    Left by Serin, on Jan 29, 2010 - 14:42
    Ah...that's the stuff. :) Best EP ever, bar none!
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