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  • The Font Brothers
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The Font BrothersThe Font Brothers

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  • Founded: January 2009
  • Location: Moscow, Idaho, United States of America
  • Label: coldlab


This is the epic.


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  • Founded: November 2007
  • Location: Los Angeles, California, United States of America
  • Label: funderecording


Funderstorm is the first band to ride AND play a full show on a L.A. bicycle ride. We are known for hosting underground ride-shows in secret places, and playing shows throughout the scene that birthed us, the Midnight Ridazz/CRANK Mob Night-time Bicycle Party-Ride Scene. Our shows are known for having unquantifiable energy released over the top of a sonic attack from a fiery assortment of dance punches and crowd-involvement. The energy forms an atmosphere of potluck fun, where one can shoot fireworks and it wouldnt be unexpected. Last weekend a couple was having sex during the show and nobody noticed! Its on tape! :)

In Summer 2008, we were the first bicycle band to tour West Coast to East Coast- Venice, CA to NYC. The tour was self-supported (no car/auto followed) and totalled 5,200 over 3 months, and played a total of 21 shows of all sorts. We had so many amazing friends help us, we can't say enough about the L.A. friends and new friends we have/made. Thanks again!

Ambulance OnlyAmbulance Only

Ambulanceonly's picture
  • Location: Moscow, Idaho, United States of America


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