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ReportBenjamin and ThomasBenjamin and Thomas

  • Age: 51
  • Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Deflatables songs are loaded with chagrin, dirty drums, cut-up
guitars, a slight touch of irony, analogue synthesizers and samplers. Everything embraced in a catchy pop universe with loads of edge and unique odd ball qualities.

Rather than proceeding along the traditional album-launch-path we've
decided to start out by giving our new songs away as free downloads.
We will post new tracks regularly, on a monthly basis or so: demoes,
pre mixes, final version's and the occasional remix as well as stems for do-your-own-mix-and-email-us ...
everything accessible at this very site.


Our tiny - two manned - fits in the boot of a car - live setup,
includes guitars and combos, samplers and synths, the odd floor tom
and an ancient revox tape machine, and can go anywhere from the
Wembley Arena to your local book shop.


Benjamin Hammerum plays normal and odd sized guitars and records music on a regular basis.

Increase your knowledge here:


Thomas Mrk has released two solo albums. The debut, under the name ofThomas Mørk, is called 'Sob Stories' (2007), and the second album,
'Déclinologue' (2009) - as solo artist Mrk.

Check out legacy Mrk stuff here:


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