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  • geronimodeleon


Ready for whatever no matter what the scenario

So here we go, rescue the girl of my brother Mario

Can't control his woman so she's always darting off

Too busy playing golf, maybe my older brother is soft

But yo I've been his partner since the days of Atari -

Up until the planet surfing, that's a whole other story

Well we in - breaking locks, busting blocks for the fire

Kicking rocks, taking shots, till the goombas admire

And yo man I'm Italian so no calling me esay

Comprende? But I've been known to look good in verde

Better say a prayer, I'm the Hammer Brother slayer

And the first can't control me, I'm a whole other player

Don't ask to drive the kart cause we be off in a dash

But if ya ask me nicely you can take a ride on the mustache

I'm a working plumber, rock the overall fashion

Excuse me, I ghosts I gotta bust in my mansion

You could call me psychic

You think think that I'm a sidekick

But I'm the one who's really in charge

Please don't think that I'm playing

If ya know what I'm saying

Stomp ya, smash ya, or put you behind bars

Second little sidekick got two tails to boot

Complicated mutilated but I keep it so cute

You can call me Tails cause I like it ironic

Got gin and tonic and some chronic cause I'm chiller than Sonic

So he can run in circles and all over the place

But I'm a flyer I get higher than those monkeys in space

He can go without me I'll be there in a bit

To beat ya up Robotnic for the heinous crimes you commit

Take my little buddies and ya turn into slaves

Turn em into robots or ya send em to their graves

Spin and when I hit ya make ya fly to the grandstand

Even take you on the court and beat ya down with my back hand

Be shocked if you saw all the chili dogs we devour

You can clone me, make 100 little Miles Prower

I'm all about the smiles and I'm good for some chuckles

But I'm tired, gonna bounce, you can hang out with Knuckles

La de la de la de da

Running through the fi-e-a (fire)

Mission does requi-e-a (require)

Then that is my desi-e-a (desire)

Don't really mind that it's my job to get looked past

So long as I get to open up a cans of some whoop ass

Put down your controllers cause it's time for a book

May be named after a bird but I'm the bane of a crook

Graduated, name change, or I was killed by a clown

Gymnastic boy detective yeah ya know I'm holding it down

Friends they call me Grayson, Penguin calls me a Dick

Campy 70s TV said I suit up on a stick, but...

I'm out to get the man who murdered my folks

Took down Zucco now we chase the scary freak with the jokes

I'm a titan of a teen, so's the rest of my crew

Come and get us, when ya do we give it twice back to you

Yeah, I built my rep by the side of a dark knight

It's alright, could still take you all out in a bar fight

Dressed in red and yellow, not exactly covert

That's why you get double embarrassed when you're eating the dirt

Above you in the dark, couldn't see me with a high-beam

So when I come back to hit ya you'll be calling me the Nightwing

ReportBeefy - SidekickBeefy - Sidekick

  • Age: 34
  • Location: Kennewick, Washington, United States of America
  • Label: nerdy south

Sidekick    Sidekick

  • Title: Sidekick
  • Artist: Beefy
  • Duration: 00:04:28
  • Played: 6
  • Date Recorded: May 12th, 2010

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