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Let me take ya far away, up up and away

I just try to make ya smile maybe brighten your day

Balloon flighting, no more fighting, get away from the hate

We can have a better day

Up up and away

Hotter than the summer in the middle of July

Gotta brand new album and a pretty lady in my life

A lot of things have changed but even more have stayed the same

Open doors, rocking shows, and now new people know my name

And these days I just step away from hate

Some people ill communicate but even more congratulate

But I just wanna regulate and speak about the love

That I get at all the clubs and all my friends around the world

Had I known when I started in the grade of eight

That the words that I was writing would allow my type to celebrate

Then I wouldn't try so hard to write some rotten rap

Jesse D wouldn't be proud me, for sure, matter of fact

But still too often I feel like a piece of crap

Everything I do is lame and I'm just slipping through the crack

Then I just look up and remember that I'm lucky

Got my baby, got my mommy, got my nugget and they love me

The season is the reason that I focus on the smile

I finally see the sun cause it's been winter for awhile

My style, I don't know, I suppose could take me further

Than my teachers might have thought. The Beefy will not flip a burger

2009 I abandoned the stress

Walk away from the mess, and I won't settle for less - cause

I live to flow, rock the show, get the dough

Sit alone, on the floor, shut the door, rock some more, so

No more will I deal with nonsense

Brag about hotness, it's making me nauseous

Big ups to my European disk jocks

School girls wearing knee socks, my baby in her flip flops

And every single person that supported Rolling Doubles

Now sit back with the sprinkles, let it take away your troubles

Relax with your headphones on and kick your feet up

Beefy Thompson would get bullied, now the bully's getting beat up

Moment of silence for the Joker... K

Wish he could stay, but he had to go away

Ask Gandalf the Grey, death's another role to play

A performance so fine it deserves the reminiscing

And all the recognition, and all the people missing him

Thankfully have the luxury of the DVD

Let Beefy show ya how to live so sweet now

Anything ya want ya gotta grab it with the quick fast

Only turn the other cheek to grab another can of whoop ass

Rap is just a program, gotta navigate the setup

Change the preferences and settings just to make the people get up

Rush the stage if your in it for love

In it for hip-hop, nerdcore, rapping and stuff

I'm not the kind of nerd that can talk in ones and zeros

I'm the kind of nerd with cards, dice, and love for superheroes

ReportBeefy - Up, Up, and AwayBeefy - Up, Up, and Away

  • Age: 34
  • Location: Kennewick, Washington, United States of America
  • Label: nerdy south

Up, Up, and Away    Up, Up, and Away

  • Title: Up, Up, and Away
  • Artist: Beefy
  • Duration: 00:04:29
  • Played: 6

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