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Let's go

Wake up

Let's roll



Remote control

Nine years old and I don't sleep in

I live for Fox Kids, it's time for X-Men

Big chair

Sit back

No Pants


Show break

Get snacks


Snack packs

Done it before and I'll do it again

Sit back and strap in, it's time for X-Men

Ever since I could get out of bed without a parent

I'd be up when it was seven, no alarm, it was inherent

Back when we only needed one remote control

Entire box of Cap'n Crunch inside a giant mixing bowl

Tale Spin, Power Ranger, Darkwing Duck

Never watched the girl shows, no way, those suck

And the ads all stuck, out to make that buck

Still want a Kawasaki Ninja and a Tonka Truck

Not too long with 10 o' clock rolls 'round

Best theme song starts and I hit the ground

Got my head in my hands, hand bones to the elbows

Then I don't hear a peep cause I'm deep into my shows

Taught diversity and it made ya think

Plus it's always so cool when the claws go Shink!

I pretend I got strength and my arms made of metal

Then I toss my little brother baby, Cannonball Special!

Mom and dad can just stay in bed cause

Beast is cool, wanna do just what he does

Hang upside down but then I just bust my head. ow!

I guess when X-men first debuted

it was Halloween morning '92

I was straight blown away by the beat of the song

that Mustin must've cleared for this track am I wrong?

Before puberty brought surprising hairs

I'd sit back and relax in my reclining chair

Rogue was beautiful, Storm was electric

Shaking from the sugar high like an apoplectic

I thought fourth grade wouldn't be so hard

If I just had that hologram Wolverine card,

Spider-man comics and MAD Magazine

Dave Berg, Don Martin, true artists, RIP

I learned a lot from that X-Men show

like how intolerance had to go

Magneto was a jerk, thanks to the Holocaust

Edutainment holler at the hollow boss

ReportBeefy - Uncanny [f. MC Lars]Beefy - Uncanny [f. MC Lars]

  • Age: 34
  • Location: Kennewick, Washington, United States of America
  • Label: nerdy south

Uncanny [f. MC Lars]    Uncanny [f. MC Lars]

  • Title: Uncanny [f. MC Lars]
  • Artist: Beefy
  • Duration: 00:03:44
  • Played: 21
  • Date Recorded: May 12th, 2010

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