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Geek out!

Stay online for twenty hours

Geek out!

Make up brand new super powers

Geek out!

Keep up on the latest movie news

And pimp your little website until it gets about a billion views

Geek out!

Write a fanfic starring Predator

Geek out!

Meet your friends and roll a character

Geek out!

Find the address of Joss Whedon

You can go through all his trash and find the things that he's been eating

-Find the address of Colbert

And try to make him like you just by beating up a bear

-Find the address of Beef Thompson

Tell him he's the bestestist, and tell him that you love him

Geek out!

Make a joke then blame the government

Don't act like you don't like it cause I know you do a little bit

I'm not exactly the type to take some action

Get online and join a faction, level up to satisfaction

Well that's not for me, but I love ya if ya do it

Downing carbonated fluid while you're rolling up a druid

I don't care about an Idol, I'm not dancing with the stars

But I'll pour a 40 for my love Veronica Mars

Rofl at the Office but we cringe at Michael Scott

We'll open up a sushi bar, call it Wok It Like It's Hot

Slamming like I'm Bam Bam, Indie like I'm Sandman

Cute and silly ninja cause I'm beating up the Foot Clan

Call me Ben Grimm cause you know that I rock

Don't call me tvlinks, there's no way that I'll stop

Can't contain me in a comic cause I'll break through every panel

Bowl of Fruity Pebbles then logging on to Surf The Channel

I'm the nerdcore superhero dude

Copy if you want to but it's lame and that is understood

Should be praying for your soul if ya ever call me fatty

Do a **transformer noise** transforming to a Big Daddy

And your girl's my Little Sister, I'll protect her and I'll love her

If the shop don't have my comics, pack it up and find another

And yo GTA4's got me talking like I'm Russian

Eat a bunch of Reese's Pieces and we WASH IT DOWN WITH TUSSIN

Like my name was Cassie Wright, I got nothing to lose

Don't punch me and don't pinch me cause I'm easy to bruise

I hit snooze, sip booze while I'm looking at nudes

And I joke with all my buddies bout the secrets of ooze

Geek out, You'll really love it. Geek out if you're a nerd

Like my name was Gigahertz dude I'm totally absurd

I'm a jack of all trades and a fan of every hobby

You don't know it, I'm on fire like my name was Ricky Bobby

Got a twenty sider in my hand

Tiny dwarf figurine and it's all at my command

Just light me a torch while I take on all the orcs

Not really an adventure, just a room full of dorks

Glad you like Street Fighter but no way that you can beat me

I rock my own style that I learned from Dan Habiki

Walk into the club and I pick up the mic

Kids holding up the wall yelling Nerdcore For Life

Shut your freaking gob, and I'm honest blog

If I could get a date with Juno I would give up my job

Fertile and she's pretty and she's bad to the bone

Smile and say I love her on a hamburger phone

Pay to see Iron Man again and again

Convince myself that me and Tony Stark could really be friends

Nerds everywhere, raise your fist and be proud

Tell the rest shut their mouth and prepare to geek out!

ReportBeefy - Geek OutBeefy - Geek Out

  • Age: 34
  • Location: Kennewick, Washington, United States of America
  • Label: nerdy south

Geek Out    Geek Out

  • Title: Geek Out
  • Artist: Beefy
  • Duration: 00:02:52
  • Played: 8
  • Date Recorded: May 12th, 2010

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