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ReportBarbara GomesBarbara Gomes

  • Age: 48
  • Location: Dover, New Hampshire, United States of America

Well hello there, my name is Barbara!

I am Brazilian born and raised, but I learned I could sing while visiting the United States as an exchange student in high school.

After returning to Brazil, I joined the critically acclaimed Teatro Guaíra choir. Under the guidance of Maestro Emanuel Martinez and voice coach Pedro Gória, I quickly saw growth in depth and range. I spent 8 years with the choir performing pieces like Carmina Burana (Orff), Great Mass in C Minor (Mozart), 9th Symphony (Beethoven) and others, which gave me the confidence to start writing my own material and recording at home.

I published a homemade video of one of my songs on YouTube, and it went viral – well, at least among my family. Once my mom saw it, she sent everyone (including my grandfather) the link. He offered to pay for the recording of my first album, which was supposed to be just a small demo with 3 songs, but ended up being a full 12-song album. With the album completed, I decided that it was about time I start investing in my music, so I bought a guitar (I was only playing keys until then) and starting learning my own songs again and writing new ones.

I started playing with some friends and we had a few shows. It was awesome, I loved doing it.

In June of 2010 I decided to take some time for myself and try to grow musically with new influences. I boarded a plane to San Francisco, CA and took audio and music production classes. I also performed at every Open Mic I could find, which made the stage a more comfortable place for me.

My plan was to spend 6 months in the US and then return home, with new knowledge and inspiration. I would return to my old life and make it better.
But things don’t always go according to plan.

Two months after I arrived in San Francisco, I met someone.

We started dating, and suddenly my departure date was approaching too fast. We were having a great time, but I couldn’t stay because of my visa – so I went back home.

Two months later I entered the US again, this time to figure out what would happen with this relationship.

We lived together, drove across the country and, after about 4 months, got married.

So now I live in Dover, NH. I have a new home, new friends, new plans, a whole new life. I have my husband and my music, and I couldn’t be happier.


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Comments (4)Comments (4)

  • RoboSeve's picture
    Left by RoboSeve, on May 5, 2010 - 14:43
    Thanks for accepting me as your friend :]
    i'll be around, hit me up sometime
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  • Welcome.
    Left by Robz Parker, on May 4, 2010 - 14:22
    You have a wonderful voice and Done with you is a stunning track.My personal inclination is away from the 'rockier' tracks but they're still well done.
    Looking forward to hear more of you.All the best.
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    • Hi Robz
      Left by Barbara Gomes, on May 5, 2010 - 10:44
      Thank you so much, I'm glad you like my work. I'm working on new songs but don't know when they'll be ready to go public! ;)
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