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  • blog post Report "Harbor Lights" Video Shoot

    Posted on Dec 22, 2010 - 20:45 by Andrew
    Hear: Harbor Lights
    Watch: Olan Rogers

    We're very excited to announce that we're making a music video for our song "Harbor Lights"! We just shot the band's performance section last night and everything went really well. It's being filmed by Olan Rogers(also from Balloon Shop). Check out his youtube channel from the above link. He's quite the creative person and we we're very excited to get to work with him on this. The video will feature a story line with an inception like theme. These scenes will be intercut with our performance from last night. Even though we're in land locked Tn, the ocean will be involved. Olan was in California last week and he shot some footage at Goat Rock Beach. Goat Rock, huh? If for some reason that name rings a bell it's because it was one of the beaches that "The Goonies" was filmed on. "50 dollar bill, sloth love chunk, goonies never say die"!

    About the shoot:
    Saturday was the day! We left, knowing only that we were heading into the forest to film a music video. We arrived with plenty of time for setup and were then graciously offered some apple pie. mmmmmm. Once the sun set, we walked back to the location to test the gear. I think everyone was really excited about the light setup that night. I was really cool. Next we played the song for the first of around 25 times. Every time our music stopped we could hear the neighbors porch jams honky tonking through the trees. Competition??? The shoot was running very professionally until a crew member was instructed to wield what can only be described as a "light hammer". We were filming some slow mo scenes involving the Light Hammer. Let me just say, slow motion in person does not equal a straight face. We all laughed hysterically as Chad gave his best serious face in slow mo. I've never laughed harder at a bass player. Luckily all the shots were captured before the surrounding square miles got tired of the valley piercing song. It was a wrap.

    Olan will be filming the rest of the video in the coming weeks and hopefully we'll have some stills from the actual camera to share soon. (The photo above was taken with my snapshot camera)

    Big thanks to all the crew that helped out on the video! We really appreciate you guys.

    Awake! Awake!
  • blog post Report New Album, New Music Video and Delta Airlines

    Posted on Jul 14, 2010 - 22:00 by Andrew
    • Edited By Andrew on Jul 14, 2010 - 22:05
    Our new album "Bittersweet Horizon" is now out!

    Download 2 free tracks (www.Noisetrade.com/AwakeAwake
    Buy "Bittersweet Horizon" on iTunes (http://tiny.cc/45tvw)
    Buy "Bittersweet Horizon" on bandcamp (awakeawake.bandcamp.com

    "Distance" Music Video
    You can watch the brand new music video for "Distance" here on facebook(www.Facebook.com/AwakeAwake)

    Delta Airlines
    If you taking a plane ride with Delta during July and August this year you can listen to our song "Distance" as part of the in flight music program that's provided!

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