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ReportAntlerland - MusicAntlerland - Music

  • Founded: July 2000
  • Location: Albury, Australia


  • Graham Freeman

   Recombinant Diamond Dust

Recombinant Diamond Dust cover art

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Record date: Feb 11th, 2010

While being first and foremost an electronica album, as is typical of the Antlerland style, the textures on RDD make references to other regions of the musical landscape, such as 70s prog (Capes), motorik krautrock (Dunkelpunkt) and shoegazer (Disastronaut, Obnoxiotron). As always, an amicable agreement between rhythm and melody is maintained, though this time around it's the tunes rather than the beats that will grab your attention. No less weird than the weird parts of Intercapital Daylight, but perhaps more cohesive as a whole.

Track list

  Track Title Artist Duration Added  
   1 Opening Up Antlerland 04:01 2010-03-11  
   2 Archetype Antlerland 04:30 2010-03-11  
   3 Dunkelpunkt Antlerland 04:23 2010-03-11  
   4 Stop Tormenting Your Brother Antlerland 05:00 2010-03-11  
   5 Miss Her Badly - Please Let Me Get Some Sleep Antlerland 06:05 2010-03-11  
   6 Capes Antlerland 07:19 2010-03-11  
   7 Obnoxiotron Antlerland 04:51 2010-03-11  
   8 Disastronaut Antlerland 04:41 2010-03-11  
   9 Chroma Key Antlerland 03:47 2010-03-11  
   10 Dreaming Antlerland 01:06 2010-03-11  

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