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  • blog post Report New Songs, mixes and Record!!

    Andy Bianculli
    Posted on Oct 26, 2009 - 18:45 by Andy Bianculli
    To whom it may concern,

    I posted some new bounces I just got of a few songs some of you might have been enjoying in the last months. The differences are subtle but I think have improved the songs in their fullness. Also I recorded a different arrangement of the song "Old Manhattan" and added a second verse. It's a lot more upbeat I think and the vocals don't sound like a Magnetic Fields song anymore. I really appreciate all the feedback I got from everyone on the site. It really pushed me to finish the project I started a year ago and before I moved to Texas. The album "Dead City Radi0" will be a full LP with 13 tracks and we just finished the proceedings to have it printed and distributed. If anyone is interested we will have Cds and Vinyl records for sale as of November 28th. We are having the release in the band's hometown of Annapolis, MD so I'll have to travel with as many as Southwest airlines will allow without charging me.

    On another note, does anyone out there know of a great, super-talented piano player that can sing and is reletively not insane. I've been looking everywhere and it seems like the bulk of the best muscians in this town are tied up in 10 other bands. It would be ideal for this said musician to be a female vocalist, but beggers can;t be choosers. It would be a brand new project so I don;t know if we would play any of the songs I've posted unless I get really bad writers block. If so just contact me through old Uvumi here


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