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blog post Report “Waiting For You” – New Single on iTunes!

Amy Kuney
Posted on Sep 13, 2011 - 12:15 by Amy Kuney
Since I started my career in music, people have continually asked me this redundant (and sometimes annoying) question: Who inspires you/who do you look up to the most? It should be an easy question to answer, but for me… it’s impossible. I haven’t been able to name one artist in my generation who’s given me the courage to be outrageous, unapologetic and shameless… to be brave enough to show the exaggerated ‘me’ and to thoroughly exhaust my full potential. I’ve listened to other artists tiptoe their way across the crumbling industry, echoing whatever is current… with no fear of being mediocre. Lady Gaga changed everything for me. I heard her songs… I felt her fearless passion… I saw it affect millions of people, both young and old, conservative and liberal, religious and non-religious. While watching her interview with Oprah last year, I said to myself (out loud), “I’ve been waiting for you…” I felt as if someone finally woke me up. In a nutshell, this song is for her.

Download this song on iTunes here:

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