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  • blog post Report New Song Released Today: "Show Me Your Fire"

    Amy Kuney
    Posted on Jan 4, 2012 - 12:15 by Amy Kuney
    Download this song on iTunes here:

    If “Kiss Me Like You Mean It” was vengeful and scared your lover into taking back the keys to his/her apartment, hopefully this is the “make up” song that’ll get you those keys back… and a little extra?

    Enjoy! And Happy New Year!
  • blog post Report New Song: "Kiss Me Like You Mean It"

    Amy Kuney
    Posted on Nov 1, 2011 - 15:30 by Amy Kuney
    Download this song on iTunes here:

    My song “Kiss Me Like You Mean It” was greatly inspired by Fiona Apple and Elvis Costello’s performance of “I Want You”… I felt so haunted by the performance and it stalked me for a long time after. Out of that, this song was born. I hope you enjoy it – and ‘gift’ it to anyone who’s ever made you cry.

    Moral of the song – don’t break my heart or I WILL find you. Haha. I’m not kidding though.

    I know I may seem pretty tough
    It takes a lot to earn my trust
    But you did
    You were good
    It was love

    I don’t make lovers
    Don’t make friends
    Don’t have the patience for pretense

    And for the first time in my life
    I didn’t want this to end
    But it did

    Kiss me like you mean it
    I want to hear you scream, yea
    I got you by the eyes
    Before I say goodbye
    I’ll leave you with something
    Something to forget me by

    Is it possible to love someone to death?
    I used to watch you while you slept
    If I could sip you through my fingers
    Like the scent that lingers on the shirt you left


    Look at me, baby
    Oh please can’t you smile for me
    Oh why such sad eyes
    I can’t be all that bad
    Can I?
    Love…I do this all in love

    Chorus x3
  • blog post Report “Waiting For You” – New Single on iTunes!

    Amy Kuney
    Posted on Sep 13, 2011 - 12:15 by Amy Kuney
    Since I started my career in music, people have continually asked me this redundant (and sometimes annoying) question: Who inspires you/who do you look up to the most? It should be an easy question to answer, but for me… it’s impossible. I haven’t been able to name one artist in my generation who’s given me the courage to be outrageous, unapologetic and shameless… to be brave enough to show the exaggerated ‘me’ and to thoroughly exhaust my full potential. I’ve listened to other artists tiptoe their way across the crumbling industry, echoing whatever is current… with no fear of being mediocre. Lady Gaga changed everything for me. I heard her songs… I felt her fearless passion… I saw it affect millions of people, both young and old, conservative and liberal, religious and non-religious. While watching her interview with Oprah last year, I said to myself (out loud), “I’ve been waiting for you…” I felt as if someone finally woke me up. In a nutshell, this song is for her.

    Download this song on iTunes here:
  • blog post Report "Where I Can't Follow" - Live at Threshold Sound + Vision

    Amy Kuney
    Posted on Aug 29, 2011 - 17:45 by Amy Kuney

    So…Y’all have seen me cover songs in my bedroom, you’ve seen youtube videos of my shows or maybe I’ve played for you on Ustream, but I really wanted to give you a live band experience. And while I cant tour in all of your hometowns just yet, I figured this was the next best thing. My band: Jon Ketchum (guitar), Cameron Tyler (drums), & Andrew Perusi (bass and fro) and I got together and played through a few of my new songs for you. This one is called “Where I Can’t Follow” and it’s up on iTunes now We shot it at Threshold Sound+ Vision, which has been my studio “home” since I moved to LA as a young’un. Marc Schrobilgen shot/edited it, Peter Barker and Todd Bergman mixed it.

    …So get out your lighters and wave em high!

    Download on iTunes here:


    Directed and Edited by Marc Schrobilgen
    Recorded and Mixed by Todd Bergman @ Threshold Sound + Vision, Santa Monica, CA
    Additional Mixing by Peter A. Barker
    Written by Amy Kuney and Tom Meredith
  • blog post Report New Single on iTunes -

    Amy Kuney
    Posted on Aug 23, 2011 - 16:00 by Amy Kuney
    So here’s my first single (one of many to come) called “Where I Can’t Follow.” Lyrics below… I hope you enjoy!

    You can download the song on iTunes here.


    Verse 1:
    Your storms have worn me out
    I’ve been chasing
    You up and down just…
    In case you need me

    Can’t make you choose
    Between your heart and your head
    But I’ll walk you through
    The parts I understand

    Ohh… it takes you to another place
    Ohh… it takes you far away from me

    Why do you go where I can’t follow?
    I hate to watch you fall apart
    Oh, why must you bare this burden alone?
    Oh, you know it breaks my heart…
    Oh, you know it breaks my heart…

    Verse 2:
    Hold on, hold on
    Don’t you leave me out
    Already gone..
    You’ve slipped inside yourself

    I could give up
    And let your troubles have you
    It’s hard to love
    The stranger you’ve turned into

    Ohh… it takes you to another place
    Ohh… it takes you far away from me

    Why do you go where I can’t follow?
    I hate to watch you fall apart
    Oh, why must you bare this burden alone?
    Oh, you know it breaks my heart…
    Oh, you know it breaks my heart…(repeat)

    Why do you go where I can’t follow?
    I hate to watch you fall apart
    Oh, why must you bare this burden alone?
    Oh, you know it breaks my heart…

    Oh, you know it breaks my heart…
    Oh, you know it breaks my heart…
    Oh you’re falling
    Oh oh you’re falling
    Oh you’re falling
    Oh, you know it breaks my heart…
  • blog post Report Sway (Original) - Acoustic

    Amy Kuney
    Posted on May 4, 2011 - 21:15 by Amy Kuney

    I originally began writing "Sway" for a friend of mine to sing... but after experiencing 45 minutes of projectile word vomit, the song morphed into being and I knew it was meant for me.

    Chris and I were going over the song for the first time a couple days ago and thought y'all might wanna hear something new. Chris Wrate is wonderfully talented (check it: http://www.ChrisWrate.com)

    - Amy
  • blog post Report "Gasoline Rainbows" Music Video

    Amy Kuney
    Posted on Apr 20, 2011 - 15:15 by Amy Kuney
    Hey guys!

    I originally wrote “Gasoline Rainbows” for the show “Whale Wars” (a documentary style show on Animal Planet about whale poaching). Then the BP oil spill happened… And my song (sadly) fit the situation perfectly. Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols (both activists, trying to help with the clean-up in any way they could) heard the song and decided it would make a great title for a compilation album, with 100% of the proceeds going toward the efforts. That’s how this song came about

    The video is a whole other story… Ryan Costa heard the song and had this amazing vision for the video. Over lattes one day, he explained it to me… and thanks to the incredible graciousness of the Nardelli family, we were able to make his vision a reality.

    I hope this video raises awareness, not just for the situation in the Gulf, but for the overall welfare of this planet we call home.

  • blog post Report Bat Cave.

    Amy Kuney
    Posted on Oct 28, 2010 - 16:00 by Amy Kuney
    I thought that was a good title because that’s exactly where I am in life…antisocial, emo…I fall asleep around 6am when ‘adult swim’ turns into ‘Shamwow’. I’ve had the habit of writing lists on my hand, and it’s usually smeared on my face the next day, like now…I have “Q-tips, Blank CDs, & Conditioner” across my forehead.

    …I feel like I’m always apologizing to you for being ‘M.I.A.’ so I’m going to stop doing that, and instead, inform you of what I AM doing.

    Writing… writing writing. It’s funny how it can take an artist their ENTIRE LIFE to create their first album..their ‘baby’…their life’s work…and exactly two years later (according to industry standards) they’re expected to eject the second one. If it’s not as good as the first one, it ‘bombs’.

    Lately it seems like I’ve been ‘writing in the studio’ forever. I’m trying to conjure up the feelings I had when I was 13 years old and discovering Fiona Apple for the first time. It’s a scary thing when that feeling goes away and I begin thinking in terms of ‘charts…hits…billboard top 100’. It kills that little spirit that urged me to write in the first place. I still want my music to be accessible, I do want it to ‘cross over’ but I don’t want to lose myself in the process.

    Meanwhile… I’m obsessed with this commercial. I want this baby:
  • blog post Report "Hope A Little Harder" Video

    Amy Kuney
    Posted on Sep 22, 2010 - 12:45 by Amy Kuney

    Click here to buy this song:

    Click here to tweet this video:

    This is a brand new (original) song that I co-wrote/co-produced with the very talented Jeremy Ruzumna. It's called "Hope A Little Harder" and it was featured on the September 21st episode of "One Tree Hill." I asked friends and fans to tell me what they are most hopeful for... and this was the end result! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the making of this video! If any of you do not see your hopes on here, do not think that your hopes are any less important. We were a little overwhelmed with the response and completely ran out of room. I feel as though I'll be releasing a "Hope a Little Harder 2" shortly so I can include everyone! Thank you again and I hope you enjoy this video :)

  • blog post Report One Tree Hill - "Hope A Little Harder"

    Amy Kuney
    Posted on Sep 21, 2010 - 15:45 by Amy Kuney
    For fans of One Tree Hill, make sure to tune in tonight, Tuesday, September 21st at 8 p.m. (7 p.m. central) and listen for my brand new song “Hope A Little Harder” which is now available for purchase on iTunes here: http://bit.ly/hopeharder. I wrote this song with the amazingly talented songwriter Jeremy Ruzumna (member of Fitz and the Tantrums, co-writer of Macy Gray’s “I Try," Joss Stone’s “Don’t Know How," and many other great songs).

    Want a chance to win a set of handwritten lyrics for "Hope A Little Harder"? After you get the song on iTunes, write a review and send us a copy at audrey@amykuney.com. I will choose my three favorite reviews as the winners!

    I also went through virtual puberty this week and all of my sites have been updated! Click here to see my new website: www.AmyKuney.com.

    I hope this finds you well!

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