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ANJ GranieriANJ Granieri

  • Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States of America
  • Label: girasole records


  • Girasoledonna

"Take away the sunlight at the end of the day and we are all left in shadow. It is here in the emotional dusk that Anj crafts stories about the apparitions and wraiths that trouble her heart. The result is one of the most striking and darkly beautiful albums of 2007. "When Grey Blushes" is sublime."- Wildy's World Magazine.

She is bold. Heartfelt. Quirky. She is a powerful force when behind a piano, and performs highly personal songs wrapped in hauntingly powerful vocals. She is anything but cookie-cutter. She is unmistakingly Anj.

ANJ (pronounced with a broad "a", like the French word for angel "ange") is a singer/songwriter/pianist that exhibits unusual poise and relaxed honesty on-stage for a woman in her early twenties. Yet, with two self-produced albums under her belt, touring experience that includes much of the East Coast, and other countries such as Switzerland and Italy, it is no wonder she is writing with a depth that is well beyond her years.

Anj was just signed to a 5 year contract to compose for a production company that provides music for the Oprah Winfrey Show. Her newest album "When Grey Blushes" was also signed to a prominent music library for use on the CW network. In November 08', her song "Former Stranger" was licensed by AUR records to be released on a compilation CD with major label artists Amy Winehouse and Duffy. The CD "Bad Girls Don't Cry" was released Dec 08' through Universal Distribution in Europe, and isdoing so well that it has now been licensed to South Korea! ANJ is working towards creating a strong internet presence as well. In both 2006 and 2007, ANJ was chosen as a finalist in the "VH1 Song of the Year Contest," which takes in contestants from over 20 countries around the world. She was also a two-time, first-place winner at OurStage.com in both May and June, in which she received over 20,000 votes and song plays in just one day.

Over the past few years, Anj has been building a steady fan base through performances in tri-state area including Ceasars Casino in A.C., World Cafe (WXPN) in Philadlephia and The Bitter End in NYC. Her European touring includes an annual mini-tour in Italy for the past 3 years. With the release of her second full-length album, "When Grey Blushes", the music industry has begun to sit up and take notice of this rising songstress. Since her release, ANJ's music was solicited by TAXI (the world's leading A&R company) over a dozen times to industry executives of all shapes and sizes for review, including Wind-Up, Octone, ATO and Minty Fresh Records.ANJ's live performances have been likened to a one-woman play set to music, as she reaches out to the audience in interludes of "conversational poetry" that describe the genesis of each song.

She demonstrates a beautiful command of her instrument as she tells the story of one who cares too deeply and feels too much and thus is the root of much of her own anguish. But the best part about seeing ANJ live, is the experience of being pulled into her world, and realizing that is not the story of not her own life that she is reaching out to share with her audience, but of the human condition we all share, with both its glories and perils. ANJ is an artist in the truest sense, and one to definitely watch.



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"Anj's songs are portraits set to music that touch the soul. Her introspective, thoughtful music is a manifestation of true talent and self-expression."
Steve Angelucci, Atlantic City Weekly.

"If you want to laugh or cry or remember what life has to offer, buy this CD. Then sit back, close your eyes and recall the last time when grey blushed in your life." John K. Alvarez, The Star and Wave

"Anj weaves personal storytelling with her unique vocal style and magnificent piano skills into a heartfelt performance you will surely remember."
Larry Oakes, Founder of Singer/Songwriter Sessions, The Bitter End & CBGB's, NYC

"With a soaring, often tremulous soprano voice, impressive piano-playing skills and diary-like lyrics about love, twisted friendships, this 22-year-old South Jersey native has built a steady fan base through relentless coffeehouse gigging."
Nicole Pensiero, Philadelphia City Paper

"Drama plays a crucial part in Anj's music. Cinematic songs such as "Former Stranger" are deeply personal, with lyrics about someone longing for human connection. Her music combines the confessional lyrics of Carole King with the theatrical storytelling of Tom Waits."
Tim Zatzariny, The Courier Post

"Her introductions before each song give great insight to her remarkable life, as well as her songwriting craft. The live performances are very intimate, and display the true talent of this incredibly gifted young lady."
Dale Pantalione of Elsewhere Records

"Anj is an artist who can connect with an audience as well as she connects with her feelings, hopes and dreams. I was truly entertained by a great musician, song-stylist and poet who creates a very original show on stage."
Eric Taber, Piping Plover Productions, Atlantic City, NJ

"If you're lucky, every once in awhile you get to see something special - something you don't see everyday - like, a pair of fawns or a double rainbow. Sometimes if you're really lucky, you will get to see the birth of a star."
Christopher South, Ocean City Sentinel

Dear Friends,

Here are my two cents....

I've realized recently that doubt is unavoidable. In all its grittiness, and biting ferocity, it is doubt that makes faith possible. It is not knowing if there will be solid ground to land on that makes the leap so beautifully freeing.

I have been holding onto the ground, waiting for a sign from the other side, to let me know it is safe to jump. But now, I can't look down anymore at the chasm beneath me, without looking back at the journey that led me here. And when I look back, clarity ensues. I am no longer afraid to want things, to want to express myself in music - and to give in fully to the indescribable joy of creation. How can I expect providence to assist me, when I doubt her in the first place?

Life is about living, and so many of us, including myself have spent too long sleeping. We let fears grow up all around us like weeds we can't pull off, and they only get stronger in their roots as time goes on. But we are all more powerful then we realize, and once we let go of fear, I believe that power becomes unstoppable.

So find your passion. Find your love. Find what it is that you want, and claim it. It is your birth-right to know joy :)

Grace and Peace,

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