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ReportAdmiral Twin - MusicAdmiral Twin - Music

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  • Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States of America
  • Label: independent


  • Jarrod Gollihare

   Mock Heroic

Mock Heroic cover art

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Record date: 2000

Mock Heroic is a quality set of literate tales, offering articulate assessments of people's inarticulate lives and inarticulate relationships. Many of the disc's songs detail its characters' attempts to escape boredom and carve meaning out of the obscure components of their worlds, lending the album its apt title. As pop-rock storytelling goes, it's on par with the better efforts of Pulp's Jarvis Cocker, and it's a shame that the record never got the critical or public attention it deserved. But this obscurity is worth seeking out. Admiral Twin's musicianship is solid and splashy where the power-pop construction demands, yet allowing the vocals and lyricism to take center stage. The best are the sing-along tracks: the defiantly triumphant "The Unlucky Ones," the should've-been-a-hit "Better Than Nothing at All," and the literary "Eustice & Isadore." A definite winner, as turn-of-the-century indie rock goes. --Joseph McCombs, www.allmusic.com

Track list

  Track Title Artist Duration Added  
   1 The Unlucky Ones Admiral Twin 03:23 2010-03-08  
   2 Another Day Admiral Twin 04:27 2010-03-08  
   3 Better Than Nothing at All Admiral Twin 04:01 2010-03-08  
   4 No. 1 Fan Admiral Twin 03:51 2010-04-21  
   5 Veterans' Day Admiral Twin 03:37 2010-04-12  
   10 Aeroplane Admiral Twin 03:55 2010-03-24  

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