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About Uvumi

Our mission is to empower artists, promote widespread creation and consumption of art, and add value to the artistic community.

For announcements and community discussions about Uvumi.com, please visit the Team Uvumi Official Blog.

For Fans

Explore music, artists profiles, photos, blogs, popularity charts, and more! Enjoy complete control over your listening experience as you are free to add any songs on Uvumi.com to your player queue and listen to them without interruption as you browse around the website. As a registered user, you can create and organize playlists, get status updates from your friends and favorite artists, bookmark songs, and much more. Your profile lets you connect with other Uvumi fans and artists to see what they are listening to and to keep in touch. It's free, fun, and easy!

For Artists

Gain more exposure online with an Uvumi artist profile. Uvumi.com helps you get your name out there by giving you a clean and useful social profile that is highly optimized for search engine indexes. This means your Uvumi profile is more likely to show up in the top results when people search for you on Google, Bing, or other search engines. The more content you post (blogs, pictures, events, songs, playlists, etc) the more likely people are to find your profile when they are searching online.

When you join Uvumi as an artist, you grant to us a limited license to promote and distribute your art. You are in control of this license, and you have a right to revoke it at any time. When you remove a song, photo, or other creative work from your profile, we remove it from our servers and we no longer retain a license to promote or distribute that creative content.

Artists who join Uvumi are likely to be featured on the front page of our website, which not only gets your name out there for lots of people to see but also can provide a boost in your search engine rankings. And the service is completely free, so you have nothing to lose by trying it out, and much to gain!

Uvumi Press Kits

Use our free tool to create professional PDF press kits with your existing profile information. Customize the content and choose from a variety of graphical templates. PDF format gives you the freedom to use your Uvumi Press Kit online or offline, so you have more freedom with your promotional materials. Read more about Uvumi Press Kits.

New Features Coming Soon

Our team is committed to providing a useful and valuable service to the art and music communities, and we intend to improve the tools we offer to continue helping artists gain greater exposure both online and offline. We will announce new features on the home page, and we encourage everyone to contact us with questions, comments, complaints, and suggestions!

The Team

Marshall Stokes   Olivier Couston   Michele Stokes   Lloyd Winter   Justin Mack

Contact Info

Please visit our contact page if you need to get in touch with us.

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