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  • blog post Report "Madness" ranked #1!

    Posted on Feb 18, 2011 - 7:30 by Muzikette
    Tara & I woke up this morning after a late night of listening to vinyl and drinking some vino tinto. Upon opening our emails, we saw this:

    * Madness is ranked #1 in the all songs chart.
    * Madness is ranked #1 in the uncategorized chart.

    Woohooo!! Thank you to all of you listeners out there that made this possible!
    I'm not sure what this means, but it feels good, so I'm going with that! Hope you all have a beautiful day - after all, Radiohead's new album was just released a day early.

    I'm off to the studio to finish recording our upcoming full length...


    ps. Check out our twitter feed @5thPROJEKT if you are interested in our Vinyl Thursday playlist. We posted the whole evening, with some extra bits, too!
  • blog post Report New Song, "Madness" charting at No.1 Uncategorized, No. 3 Overall!

    Posted on Feb 17, 2011 - 6:30 by Muzikette
    Almost 2 weeks ago we uploaded a new song, Madness, from our first studio album, CiRCADiAN, and it has been making its way up the charts ever since. Today it reached numero uno in the Uncategorized chart! How else would you classify that song?!?! It's also reached number 3 Overall! Wow! We're truly appreciative of all you folks who have been listening to this song and propelling it forward. If you haven't heard it yet, stop by for a listen. Love to hear what you think!


  • blog post Report Tequila Circus

    Posted on May 6, 2010 - 7:15 by Muzikette

    poster by strange//attraktor:

    I went to bed with a bit of a sore throat and woke up with my sinuses and head completely stuffed like a pimento loaf. My m�s were b�s and I sounded sort of like a miserable cat when I tried to talk or sing.

    Since I�m allergic to pretty much every animal on the planet and have recently developed fall allergies, I thought �Great, now I�m getting spring allergies too.� With the show coming up that evening, I figured I should get this sinus thing under control. I had some Allegra out in the van, so I grabbed them and swallowed one. Shortly after, I started to feel just terrible. I realized that you�re not supposed to let this medication get too hot or cold and mine had been sitting in the glove compartment of the van for probably a year. That�s a lot of weather. I started to feel a little panicky because I was worried that I had just ingested poison and that was why I felt so crummy. I went to the pharmacy and told the pharmacist my story. He didn�t know if the old ones would hurt me, but he suggested I get new ones. I bought another box of Allegra and took a pill�.which made me feel even worse! Why isn�t this stuff working? Usually it�s a quick and efficient fix that I RARELY make use of.


    Later on, after stopping at Timmy�s for some peppermint tea, we�re at the Circus Room in Kitchener for the show. I feel like total crap by this time, but am still clutching to a shred of hope that I will suddenly, miraculously be cured. I decide that some tequila and beer will help with that.

    After some gear repair, set-up and sound checking, Mary 5e takes the stage and completely owns it. She begins with some solo originals and plays us a couple new tunes and finishes with an amazing rendition of Janis Joplin�s �Piece of My Heart�. That girl can sing.



    We get on the stage. After tuning our instruments, we begin with �Spin� and boy oh boy, my head�s a spinning. �Walk Away� is next and I wish I could stand straight, let alone walk. I can�t hear pitch properly because my head is so congested, and what�s usually no problem to sing is now feeling like claws scraping at the inside of my throat.

    I made it through the set...to nobody�s benefit, really. And oh good, my mom, my little sister and her friend bore witness to the entire thing. In fact, they took all these pictures!

    Long story short, kids�do not mix Allegra and tequila and beer. Especially when it turns out it�s not allergies at all, but a bad, baaad head cold.



  • blog post Report The Montreal Show or Tabernak!

    Posted on May 3, 2010 - 10:15 by Muzikette
    Driving directions, driving directions… Where are the fracking maps?

    Turn around, drive back home and run upstairs. Look in bedroom. Not there. Look in kitchen. Nope. Bathroom? Uh uh. Living room…oh yeah I put them in the glove compartment in the van. Doh!


    Drive from High Park to John Street to pick up S. Drive to Union Station. Pick up JF. Meet N at a gas station in Whitby. All aboard the band wagon. Let’s go….

    Five-ish hours later, I take the wrong exit coming out of a tunnel. We are lost. S questions N, gets driving directions from JF using Miss GPS. We are saved.


    A l’hotel, we drop off our personal accoutrements and shortly thereafter head to the venue. Rue Crescent is narrow with cars parked on both sides. Parking costs $20. Nice. We walk over to check out the bar. One and a half narrow, barely-held-together-by-splinters staircases later, we enter a dark room. Hockey game blaring from a flat screen Ultra TV. Beer-swilling, jersey-wearing hockey jocks screaming at the tops of their lungs. Can we fit the drum set on that platform looking thing? Oh god.

    Flash back to an earlier phone conversation…

    S – Can you fit a 4-piece band with a full drum set, a bass rig, two guitar amps and pedals?

    BAR – Oh ya, absolutely. NO problem.

    Later telephone conversation…

    JF – Just calling to confirm the details of the show. Are we still on for April 17th?

    BAR – Yes.

    JF – And just to confirm, we play around 12:45 am, and the three bands split the admission from the door, right?

    BAR – Actually, it’s a benefit concert now, so you won’t be getting paid.

    JF – Oh, what’s the benefit for?

    BAR – I don’t know, you’ll have to ask the other bands when you get here. We’ll give you free booze though.

    JF – Ok.

    We load our gear into the bar and begin to rearrange tables and chairs (careful to not disrupt the screaming hockey jocks) to make enough room to squeeze ourselves and our stuff into the corner. Success. I’m actually impressed.

    We go back to the hotel. Get spiffy. Get dinner at Commensal – a super delicious vegetarian buffet. Walk back to the venue in the rain.

    JF and S ask the bar for a free drink. They say no…maybe later depending on how the night goes. What does that MEAN? We just drove 6 hours and booked a hotel room to play for an unknown “benefit” show and now no drinks? Ummm… The bar dude looks all sketched out on something though. Weird vibe. We don’t really want to talk to him anymore.

    We find out that we are now slotted for 2 am. The venue has been double booked. Great. Oh well, at least the bars close 4 am in Montreal. Lots of time. Hopefully there is still a crowd here…

    We drink six-dollar beers. And wait…

    11 pm - There are supposed to be two bands before us. Sip.

    12 am – Apparently there are three. Drink, drink… N plays with his iPhone.

    12:45 am – Nope, there are actually four before us. Beer, tequila, beer. I hope all of the bands are enjoying using our drum kit and bass rig tonight.

    S and I decide to venture out to the van to grab the merch. We traverse through puddles of mud.

    Me – Do you have a van key?

    S- (searches around) I can’t find it! Do you have one?

    Me – It’s not in my bag. Oh. My. God. We left all three van keys back at the hotel.

    We take a cab to the room, grab the keys and cab back. Get merch Go back to bar.

    N – (looking up from his iPhone) You guys took a long time!

    1:45 am - JF starts to set up his bass to prepare to play. Another band comes and sets up their guitars. Ok, there are five bands before us. Tabernak!. Speed tablet. Play pool. I kick ass, but the game is eventually botched by N, who starts to place the losing team’s balls in the pockets.

    2:40 am – We’re up. Setting up our guitars & pedals.

    2:45 am –We begin to play. Sounds great for a small room. Happily, the place is packed with bodies to absorb the bounce. Spin. Great audience, awesome response. Walk Away. Juggernaut. Best response yet. This little ditty sure is a crowd pleaser.

    3:00 am – The bar owner tells us that we have to stop playing. Live music can only go until 3 am. We are stunned. Don’t Montreal bars stay open until four? I see JF talking to the owner…it’s getting heated. The audience starts to chant ‘one more, one more, one more.’ S raises his hands and everyone cheers and chants louder. I look at the bar owner and say..’3 more minutes..?’ He shakes his head.

    I pout a bit, then go to turn off my amp when I hear a male voice speaking angrily through the microphone. I heard things like ‘Double booked the fucking venue..’ ‘Asshole…’ ‘We came all the way from Toronto and aren’t getting paid..’, then BLANG! I turn around to see the mic stand has been knocked over and is now lying across the floor. JF finishes his speech sans-microphone in the bar owner’s face, who is trying his best to ignore the French passion oozing from JF’s very being.

    This is why JF was angry. Besides the fact that we drove from Toronto to play a free show that we were supposed to get paid for and they wouldn’t even give us the promised free drinks, Quebec is his home. Many of his friends and family members, including both of his parents, showed up for this show and had been waiting hours and hours and HOURS for us to play. Some of them had also driven hours to get to Montreal. Then we get cut off after 15 minutes. Ya…

    The bar owner turns on some music. Very loud music…about as loud as we were playing.

    We begin to pack up our gear. Lots of people come up to us and tell us that we were great and that they hope this isn’t going to colour our view of Montreal. A few people take our business card with lofty promises of great interest from some famous producer, manager or agent they know. ‘My name is Steve. Don’t forget me.’

    The bar wants to give us a free drink now. ‘No thanks’ we reply. With our gear loaded, we chat a bit with one of the bands that “organized” the benefit. (As a side, I don’t know how it was a benefit because there was no one collecting money at the door that I could see.) Hopefully they found some other way to save the earth…

    At around 4:30 am, we arrive back at our hotel. Starving. At around 5, S and I venture downstairs to find food. The girl at the front desk tells us that breakfast starts in an hour and that the only 24-hr pizza place around closes at 5 am. Umm…

    We are too hungry to wait for breakfast. The only thing to do at this point is sleep to make the tummy growling stop.

    Back at the room, JF relates the night’s story to us, sympathetically. We laugh it off, tell him not to worry about it. It’s pretty clear that he feels bad about losing it at the bar. He sort of sighs, then curls up on the bed. Someone remarks that it was my mic, not the bar’s, that got flung across the room. JF makes a squeak noise and curls up tighter. I giggle. N is talking about business things to us. I hear his voice get further and further away….

    Mornin’! Great breakfast at a place called Eggspectations. Hop on the band caravan and head back to Toronto.

    S is driving (because I'm pretty sure I'm still drunk). We talk about interesting things like gas mileage.

    Me – Well, my dad told me that if you stay at or under 110 kmph, you get optimal gas mileage.

    S – I am setting the cruise control for 110. Optimal!

    We have been grooving along the 401 for a few hours, when I hear S say ‘Judy…Judy…what’s wrong, Judy..?’

    The van (Judy) begins sputtering and slowing down quickly.

    I look over at the gauges on the dashboard to see if the check engine light is on or if the van overheated, but they look normal. Then I see the gas gauge. “Oh my god, we’re COMPLETELY out of gas!” I yell. How the hell did that happen? We just stopped for snacks about half an hour ago and the tank was half full! Something is very wrong here.

    S pulls Judy (the van) over to the side of the highway. Stalls. S tries to start it again. No way.

    S calls N, who is probably ahead of us, since he drives faster than optimal, and asks if he can bring us some gas. N already has a small emergency tank of gas in his truck, so great!

    About 30 minutes later, N pulls in and puts the gas in the tank. We try to start Judy. The van turns over and over but will not vroom. Shite. JF starts looking under the hood and under the van for gas leaks. Everything looks ok. Maybe it wasn’t enough gas. N calls a tow truck to bring some gas. If the gas doesn’t work, we’ll get towed into Kingston.


    I walk over to some train tracks behind some bushes to pee. Unzip…there’s a train coming. Of course there is.

    Walk back to the car. I throw rocks at the highway sign, trying to hit the Tim Horton’s logo. Transport trucks honk at me.

    S and JF bond over trying to flatten pennies at the train tracks. Nearly deafen themselves.

    N plays with his iPhone.

    Sometime later the tow truck comes. Gives us about 10 litres of gas and charges us $100. Vrooooooom. Phewffff! Gas gauge is busted. I ask you…do tow truck drivers decide to get tattoos or do tattooed people decide to become tow truck drivers?

    And that’s the Montreal show. It was whirlwind of weird and wonderful. Wonderful were the fans and the food. Weird was everything else. And now I’m tired and have a cold. Montreal needn’t worry though. We’ll be BAAAACK.

  • blog post Report tactile proximity enhances bonding protocol

    Posted on May 2, 2010 - 3:00 by Muzikette

    Miles of Night (demo) • 5th PROJEKT

    Filmed from Judy the Juggernaut on the way to Montreal.


    yay, we're on the way to Montreal! ______ benefit concert. Uh Huh Her. leaving Toronto. snow. wetttsnow. rain. 401 east through the sprawl. yawning blades of grass.


    flood water ponds. springtime swamps. a little Last Splash. out of service service stations being serviced...


    stopped in Napanee for a pee. the Flying J for petrol and pizza. a broken latch on Judy the Juggernaut from the show in Toronto the other night has transformed us. no more backdoor action. we're now the span of a 2 wagon caravan approximately 5-10 minutes apart. mid day highway. Day for Night through Kingston.


    a yellow sign with black sans serif block letters FARMERS FEED CITIES. true. the future celebrated celebutante: the organic agrisoft farmer. on the cover of People and Time.

    calling for the parting of dark clouds. we want to see the shy blue sky. a big sun. green velvet and suede as far as the eye can see.


    approaching a wall of corn. INFO 107.7FM. Tori asks, does God spread fear or love? turn up the frequency. a world full of possibilities. we see blue sky + white clouds on the horizon appears. golfer's clap? golfer's clap.


    pussy willows. cat tails. grey skeletons of branches. sun kissed fingers seeking skyward by the thousands. in praise of Helios. rows of hay elevators evoke childhood memories of exposed gears and hay mows.

    in Quebec. pretty rivers. the rain returns. relentless police surveillance. now Montreal. highways look post-apocalyptic. overpasses held together with nets. memories of the collapse.


    into the city. extremely tiny street signs that might as well be painted in beige on white. check in at hotel. nice hotel. not what we were expecting. NOTE: online reservations save you $$$. amazing elevator ride!

    on to the Crobar through the one-way Montreal maze. street energy is manic Saturday night. hometown pride. Habs flags everywhere: cars, buildings, jackets, hats, shirts, underwear. incroyable.

    thieved by inner city unpaved car park: $20 for a few hours in a mud puddle. unload with the gear up a disintegrating Tim Burton staircase. Habs playing Caps in the playoffs for Stanley's cup broadcast on the largest TV known to humankind. heaping hotdog hills. sloshing pints. cacophonous fans leering at a virtual representation of opposition cheering in the stands of a city hundreds of kilometers away...

    [battery depleted]
  • blog post Report New demo "Miles of Night" posted!

    Posted on May 1, 2010 - 3:45 by Muzikette
    Love to hear what you think!

  • blog post Report Stardate 15-04-2010 • Mitzi's Sister • Toronto

    Posted on Apr 28, 2010 - 5:15 by Muzikette

    Poster by strange//attraktor:

    This is the first of 3 dates (Toronto, Montreal, Kitchener) that we were booked for with the band Querkus out of Winnipeg. Querkus set the tour up to promote their new release. They kindly asked us to provide support for them and we kindly accepted, really looking forward to the shows. Unfortunately, a few weeks before the tour which spanned Manitoba to Quebec, Querkus had to back out. We decided to stay on for the 3 dates anyway and play some new material. Here's the set list from the night:

    Walk Away
    Broken Like This
    Psych 66
    White Rabbit (by Jefferson Airplane)
    In a Coma...

    We rolled up to Mitzi's Sister, Toronto in Judy the Juggernaut, grabbed a piece of concrete out front, took the gear inside. Nathan, who had left before us, hadn't arrived yet. He has temporal powers that make CERN research resemble amusement park bumper cars. You can understand why we were so puzzled by his absence. A round of drinks. No Nathan. Maybe we should call him?

    Dialing N8 when my phone rings. Nathan. iLike had mislead him, sent him to the other side of the city with a simple glitch in their address data, linking a Queen St. W addy to a map of the same numerical address on Queen St. E. He was on the other side of the sprawling metropolis headed our way. No prob, we had arrived early so that we could enjoy the fabled fine cuisine of Mitzi's Sister for the first time!

    JF, from Quebec, orders poutine (fries+gravy+cheese=poutine). What arrives is fries+gravy+cheese+lamb=Mitzi's poutine. JF, a francophone who does not eat red meat, sends it back to be replaced by Mitizi's vegetarian interpretation of poutine involving mushroom gravy of the non-psychedellic sort. It won JF over, though Francophone poutine lovers be forewarned! One question: is lamb considered red meat?

    As we were finishing up our delicious meal, the opening act of the evening, miss Melissa Bel arrived with guitar case in hand. We said our hellos. She pulled up to the bar, ordered a Stella and started texting. We grabbed some beverages and went about the exciting job of setting up our gear, complete with Lemurian accents. The closing band, an acoustic alt country style act, arrived with their instruments. Told us about their drummer who was late and on his way, who then became a sick drummer who wasn't coming, who then returned to the status of being a late drummer who was also sick but was on his way and still playing the gig. Excellent!

    20-30 minutes pass and we finish setting up. Members of said closing act approach with an odd vibe of arrested development meets youth entitlement, muttering something about them not wanting to play the gig anymore unless they could open the evening. Then they bailed with their gear, arguing amongst one another. Weird kids.

    An hour later, the lovely Melissa Bel took the stage solo. Wow, she is fantastic! What a voice! She saved her vocal acrobatics for the end of her set and had everyone hooked. Not a whisper going on in the house until the applause and cheers at the end. I have infinite respect for any musician that can fill a room with sound using only an acoustic guitar and vocal chords. It was a pleasure to share the stage with her! She will be in Germany next month touring. Check her out on Facebook and Myspace.

    After a slight dramatic pause between sets, we were onstage playing and having some fun! The crowd was really encouraging! Somewhere in between songs I was tuning up when Tara got into this conversation with someone in the audience. They were talking about films. What was the better 3D film; Avatar, or Alice? This could have gone on for some time. The audience was split in half when Nathan put things back on track. More rawk, less talk! he he!

    At the end of the set, we found out that a couple of the noisemakers and 3D film fans upfront were in fact friends of ours; Steve and Caitlin from the Toronto band Bella Clava. They are preparing to release their EP (recorded with Steve Albini in Chicago!) next month. Check them out at the Horseshoe on Friday May 14th! See you there!

    ps. a huge thank you goes out the live sound engineer, Al, for being so friendly and talented!

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